Basic Information

  • Moveset: Taishi Ci
  • Advance Skill: Fury - Slowly refill your musou bar regardless of health. Your musou bar will also fill at double the normal rate when attacking enemies.

Basic Stats

Weapon Attack Damage Defense Life Musou Speed Jump Base Siege
Twin Rods 46(5) 40(6) 34(2) 180(3) 135(1) 110 135 1.5

Upgrade Stats

Level Name Attack Damage Defense Life Musou
5 6 2 3 1
1 Twin Rods +30 +31 +22 +29 +15
2 Deadly Rods +33 +34 +25 +32 +18
3 Spiral Rods +36 +37 +28 +35 +21
4 Wolf Slayer +39 +40 +31 +38 +24
5 Tiger Slayer +42 +43 +34 +41 +27
6 True Tiger Slayer +45 +46 +37 +44 +30

Note: The above values are averages. Some weapons found in battle may vary in upgrade stats by +/-1. (The numbers under the stat columns indicate the upgrade slots)


Twin Rods/Deadly Rods Spiral Rods
TwinRods1 TwinRods2
Wolf Slayer (True) Tiger Slayer
TwinRods3 TwinRods4

Weapon Info

Twin Rods A weapon held with both hands. Use them to attack the enemy from left and right.
Deadly Rods Improved to become lighter so attacks can be made faster.
Spiral Rods A quick strike is enough to cause great damage.
Wolf Slayer These powerful rods can thwart even the mighty wolf spirit.
Tiger Slayer These deadly rods can quell even the great tiger spirit.
True Tiger Slayer These rods contain the powers of the spiritual wolf and tiger.


Thrust Powerful double thrust forward. C1 has a delay while C6 is instant.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O (Strong) O O
Pierce Powerful strike behind & infront. C1 has a delay while C6 is instant.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O (Strong) O O
Crescent Frontal strike with both Rods. C1 has a delay while C6 is instant.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O C6 O
Moon Jam both rods into the ground creating a shockwave. C1 has a delay while C6 is instant.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Fan Frontal strike to the left.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Eclipse Single strike right, double strike left then thrust forward with both Rods.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Rotation Lock Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O O O (Last hit) O


Charge 2 Uppercut with the left Rod.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Charge 3 Right forward strike followed by a left one. Ends with a frontal cross strike.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O O (Last hit) O
Charge 4 Double Rod thrust.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O (Strong) O
Charge 5 Jams Rods into the ground creating an AoE.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Dash Attack Thrust with the right Rod.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Jump Normal Frontal outward swing with both Rods.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Jump Charge Diving thrust downward with the right Rod.
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
Evolution N1>N2>N3>C4
Stagger Stun Knock back Launch Element Super Armor Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown
O (C4) O (N3) O


  • Stagger - Enemy weapon gets pushed up and they lean backwards. Hitting them before they can fully recover will cause them to be juggled.
  • Stun - Enemy is dazed with stars over their head and unable to move. Any attack while in this state will cause them to be juggled.
  • Knock back - Sends the enemy backwards away from you. Usually ending a combo.
  • Launch - Knocks the enemy up in the air setting them up for a juggle.
  • Rotation Lock - Inability to turn your character during the animation.
  • Element - If weapon is imbued with an orb or element, the element can be activated on this attack. "O" indicates the attack has this effect on the enemy.
  • Super Armor - Super Armor status. Cannot be flinched by normal attacks while performing this.
  • Collapse/Burn Out/Knockdown - An attack may have one of these 3 effects. Collapse = fall to the ground similar to dying, can continuously combo with another attack with this effect, can be done in almost any state except juggle. Burn Out = causes the enemy to crumple to the ground while on fire, next hit causes a juggle. Knockdown = enemy is swept off of their feet instantly falling straight down.
  • Charge 1 and Charge 6 depend on the Emblem
  • Charge 3 gets longer with Combo upgrades. Can end Charge 3 prematurely if you don't continue to press Charge Attack.

Siege Damage

This section is for the number of attacks will land on structures and juggernauts when used on them.

Attack Structure Juggernaut
Thrust 1
Pierce 1
Crescent 1
Moon 0 1
Fan 1
Eclipse 3
Charge 2 1
Charge 3 2/4/6
Charge 4 1
Charge 5 0 1
Dash Attack 1
Jump Normal 1
Jump Charge 0 1
Evolution 4

Unrivaled Generals Moveset

This section is to list any differences in moveset if you are using a Spirit of the general or the chance you become the general from a Musou Soul during Survival Match.

  • Differences from normal moveset
    Charge 1 stomps the ground creating a small AoE.
    Charge 6 does a thrusts with the right rod then a frontal thrust with both rods, can be repeated up to 5 times.
    Repeating portion of the Musou is a forward thrust with the right hand followed by the left.
  • Emblems to mimic Generals moveset


Type Mobility Juggles Finisher does Description
Musou Good No Flinch, flinch, strong knockback Right downward strike followed by a left one while moving forward. Ends with cross hit inward then outward and a double thrust forward.
True Musou Yes Juggle, knockback Ends with a lifting upward frontal cross hit followed by a ground pound creating a shockwave.

Note: True Musou will deal fire damage in addition to having the same animation as the normal Musou, the finisher however is different.

Musou Length

Musou Stat 135-159 166-210 216-237 ???-??? ???-??? ???-???
Number of Hits(Regular/True) 9/8 11/10 13/12 ??/?? ??/?? ??/??

This table lists the musou stat and how much musou is needed to increase the number of hits in your musou. (Assuming you use the full bar when you musou.) Do note that the musou stat values here may not necessarily be the lowest threshold needed on the musou stat to increase the number of musou hits. It's just a guaranteed stat that has been tested.

Video Demonstration

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Motion Damage Values

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5
12 8 8 10 12 17 20 8 8 10 17 8 10 17 17+(15+15)*N+15e 17e 17e
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
13e 15e 15e 15 13e 10 13e 10+10+15e 17*N+20+15+20 17*N+17+20F
  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is the finisher of the combo.
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled

Temper Builds


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Capture Showdown Destroy Suggested Element Description
42410 24 Your choice Moon or Crescent Moon or Crescent O O Wind The generic capture build for the Rods.


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Suggested Element Description
40000 10 5 in Base Speed Moon Any None 4 open slots for random speed boosts with more than enough Attack to one shot a group of troops. Use a Time/Eternity Scroll for longer speed boost.

Confront/Survival Match

Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Confront Survival Match Suggested Element Description
50320 24 2 in Attack Upgrade Thrust or Pierce Crescent O Wind Offensive build that will slow people down with C5, put emphasis on "Divide and Conquer," and pummel the opposition without remorse.
40421 24 1 in Attack Upgrade and 1 in Defense Upgrade Thrust or Pierce Crescent O O Wind A more balanced build for those who are still learning how to dodge and block.
50320 24 2 in Attack Upgrade Thrust or Pierce Crescent O O Ice Use your C5 to freeze people, then activate Attack x2 and Thrust or Pierce to finish them, and if the enemy didn't finish, use musou after Thrust.
00540 25 2 in Defense Upgrade and 1 in Max Temper Pierce Crescent or Fan O O Vorpal Vorpal tank build.

Note: Builds listed here are the number of stars you should put in each stat. The order goes: Attack, Damage, Defense, Life, Musou. So a build of "43320" means to put: 4 stars in Attack, 3 stars in Damage, 3 stars in Defense, 2 stars in Life, and 0 stars in Musou. For paired up modes a circle denotes which mode the build is specified for.


Temper Build

- Go for as many Attack tempers as you can. Attack is the bread and butter of Twin Rods.

- Avoid tempering Musou, since a +23 (or around) per temper will not help much in combat. Also, the Fury buff works best with a smaller musou meter.


- The Twin Rods has slight difficulty in chaining effective combos, due to its inability to juggle well. Many of the Twin Rods combos need to be done while your enemy is still standing on his/her feet.

- This is a combo that's easy to execute. It must be done if your enemy does not have his/her musou bar fully charged: Normal Attack x 6, Evolution Attack x2, Musou Attack (Immediately after the second Evolution Attack and before the third). With a build involving 5 tempers in Attack, this should kill or severely-weaken the enemy. Your enemy must be standing upright for this to work.

- Here is a more advanced combo (it is recommended that you have emblem 6 as a stunning move, such as Crescent): Normal Attack x 5, Charge 6 (if your 6th emblem isn't a stunning move, go with Charge 3). Your enemy is stunned. Normal Attack x 4, Charge 5. The four Normal Attacks will cause the stunned enemy to fall over. When they flip back onto their feet with the Block button (default "U"), the shockwave of Charge 5 will cause them to be hit once again, launched into the air. At this point, Air-Charge Attack to keep the person juggled in the air with your shockwave attacks. Keep repeating these combos (in any order as long as it keeps the enemy in the air) until they manage to recover.

Emblem Thoughts

- Pierce (Emblem 1) is much harder to aim than Thrust (Emblem 1), in exchange for being able to knock away people in front of you (your main target) and behind (potential ambushers).

- Crescent (Emblem 6) has a very wide-area sweep motion that can easily stun multiple targets.


- The Twin Rods has very little range and few AoE attacks. You must keep in mind that your charge 5 attack is basically the only thing that is close to a ranged AoE, and even then, it's a frontal cone-shaped shockwave designed for few targets. Be very careful when fighting against an ambush of multiple enemy players.

- Although it is extremely powerful, do not spam charge 3. It has little range and is very expectable, not to mention easy to block.

- Do not spam charge 5 if you want to be unpredictable and difficult to defeat to your enemy.

- Many of your charge attacks launch the enemy far away. If possible, try to separate the more powerful enemy from the weaker ones, and then move in for the kill.

- The normal musou attack of the Twin Rods can be escaped by activating a musou attack. Only use your musou attack when your enemy does not have access to a musou, or when escaping a bad situation.

- Only activate Fury when you are completely finished with your musou attack.

- Fury is much more useful as a defensive maneuver. You will have more access to musou attacks, and therefore, more access to a period of invincibility from enemy player musou attacks. Use the Fury buff when you are trying to escape a bad situation, and when one musou attack is not enough to get through.

- The best element for the Twin Rods is wind. Charge 5 will send your opponent flying straight in the air, landing right in front of you. Not only is it an extremely powerful attack, but this makes chasing opponents much easier.

- The True Musou Attack of the Twin Rods is a juggle, which means it is much harder to use than the normal musou attack.

- Remember that most of your combo attacks will give you Super Armor.

- Crescent is one of the best 6th emblems for several reasons: (1) It's a stun, which is after a very long and strong string of normal attacks, and (2) it has a wide-radius sweep, which can stun multiple and almost every target standing in front of you (assuming they aren't blocking). If you can manage to stun multiple enemy players with this devastating stun, start using your other charge attacks to knock away players to single-out and demolish your main priority.

Weapon Matchups (updated April 23, 2011):

Special thanks goes to Skywerewolf for adding additional notes. His additions are in italics.

- T. Rods vs C. Blade

If you are fighting a C. Blade user in a one-on-one situation, then it shouldn't be a problem. Your extremely-high Attack stat can easily make short work of a C. Blade user's Life, regardless of buffs. Simply be wary of his/her reach and juggling musou, as well as the AoE air-charge attack.

However, C. Blade users in a group of enemy players will be a problem. The Toughness buff will turn a C. Blade user into a "tank," which is the damage-taker of the team. At this point, the C. Blade user will simply be a distraction for you while his/her team members will ambush you from behind. If you see a C. Blade user with one or more of his/her team mates close by, attempt to separate them using your launching attacks. Otherwise, don't bother engaging the C. Blade user if he/she has Toughness activated. Your team needs to handle it.

- T. Rods vs B. Axe

B. Axe users behave very similarly to C. Blade users, except that air-charge attacks tend to be used more frequently. Fight defensively if the B. Axe user constantly uses the helicopter-like attack towards you, and strike right when he/she is completely open. Again, beware of the B. Axe's reach and juggling musou. Also again, if the B. Axe user has Toughness activated, and is fighting alongside a buddy, don't bother.

- T. Rods vs G. Club

One extremely-annoying feature of the G. Club is the amount of AoE attacks it has. For this reason, you need to be ready to get into the defensive and react to his/her movements quickly. The slow attack speed of the G. Club will allow you to move in and deal some considerable damage, but never forget about his/her musou bar. The moment you see it filled, immediately shift into a defensive position, and/or get ready to jump out of the way. Godly Hammer G. Club Musou is definitely something you do not want to get caught in.

If you manage to escape, bluff, or block the G. Club musou, move/jump behind him/her when the final attack occurs (either falling down like an idiot, or creating a fiery shockwave).

- T. Rods vs I. Rod

I. Rods are a nightmare. Due to the short range of the T. Rods attacks, you are forced to enter the range where the I. Rod user can easily counter you with a Godly Hammer juggle musou, capable of killing you with little effort. Another difficult factor is the explosive attacks of the I. Rod, which can easily stop you dead in your tracks (this includes the air-charge and charge 5). And quite possibly one of the most annoying things about the I. Rod is the running attack, which is a very-sudden charge forward. The I. Rod's running attack is your worst enemy when retreating, due to the T. Rod's slow running speed.

If you are lucky enough to fight an I. Rod user without a full musou, then it isn't a problem. Dodge and block their slow attacks, and strike them with your relentless attacks. I. Rod users usually don't have many tempers in Defense, which means they may go down easy.

Fighting an I. Rod user with a full musou bar ready is much more difficult. Your best bet is to pull a fake combo and immediately use your musou attack, which will continuously poke him/her to near-death or confuse him/her, and force him/her to waste his musou to save him/herself or out of confusion. If you go with the fake-combo approach, stay behind them for as long as possible, since most I. Rod users have a lot of tempers in Musou. If you are lucky, you may have successfully "bluffed" an I. Rod user into becoming vulnerable. If you see an I. Rod user with his/her team members, avoid conflict completely.

(Skywerewolf): Don't forget that you can still block an oncoming musou from any attack, and virtually render it useless. They may have enough of a clue to walk behind you but if they start of far, as most do, in order to deliver a blow as fast as possible, then at worst you get hit twice, and at full or even low health that won't be too deadly unless you were going to die in a normal fight because it's the juggle that hurts you the most, and that will leave them open. This is a good way to open up a counter with this weapon, and it works for any weapon, and will leave almost no ground to cover as long as you are not caught in any other attacks.

- T. Rods vs Scimitar

The Scimitar is usually a front-line weapon, and it shouldn't be a problem, as long as he/she doesn't get the first combo in. The only thing to keep in mind is to watch out for their fast attacks, and bluff/dodge their musou attack to leave them completely open. Don't bother chasing them down if they have Godly Speed activated.

- T. Rods vs P. Sword

Pirate Sword users tend to avoid conflict with you altogether. It is very rare to see a brave Pirate Sword user charge at a Twin Rod user due to the low Defense of the sword. However, your slow movement speed will make you a priority of Pirate Sword musou attacks. Always keep your map zoomed-in when a Pirate Sword user is near, and get ready to jump when you see the enemy player's dot suddenly move quickly toward you. If you can manage to catch up to a Pirate Sword user, a few hits should be enough to deal with them.

- T. Rods vs T. Rods

Many T. Rod users spam charge 5. If you are in front of their face, the shockwave will still bypass your blocking. Simply go around their shockwave (or a recently-discovered alternative, Musou Attack towards him/her) and combo them to near-death, while watching their musou bar. It basically boils down to whoever can get the most hits, and the most dodges/blocks.

- T. Rods vs H. Axe

Beware of being ambushed early in the game. Although your Defense upgrades are on the 2nd ring, it is still very annoying to have a H. Axe user chase you around while you are busy gathering flasks. Fighting back a H. Axe user if ambushed almost never gives results, since your Attack upgrades are all the way on the 5th ring. Most likely the H. Axe user will steal your flasks while trying to reach the 5th ring.

In the later portion of the game, it boils down to who can get more hits in (the both of you have extremely-high Attack). Fight defensively when you see Aggression activated, since it can wipe you out quickly. The musou is sometimes a problem, but can usually be jumped out of.

The most common tactic that H. Axe users share is to use a Lightning or Blitz Orb and spam charge 3 and 4. These moves will stun you if you do not jump or move out of the way. If you are caught and stunned, they will run up to you, activate Aggression, and use their Thrust emblem to wipe you out in one hit. Do not let this happen at all costs.

- T. Rods vs T. Picks

Fighting T. Picks is not as hard as many would think, especially with you and your T. Rods. The trick here is to be wary of his/her long reach, make good use and timing of your Fury buff, and to trick your T. Pick enemy, sometimes multiple times.

In a nutshell, pull off a fake combo and musou attack immediately after (if he/she isn't blocking, otherwise, jump out of the way if he/she is), which will cause heavy damage/confusion to the T. Picker. With any luck, the enemy will be forced to activate his/her musou attack, and possibly even their Aggression buff. If done correctly, you will be standing near or behind your enemy while he/she swings at the air like an idiot. Dodge any final attacks, and start your attacks when the musou invulnerability wears off. At this point, taking on the T. Pick user is child's play.

- T. Rods vs T. Sabers

This is simple. Get aggressive and pound at your enemy like nobody's business, and he/she will go down very quickly. Dodge/block all of the projectiles thrown at you, and be ready to dodge/block his/her musou attack (and the fireball finisher that comes after it). However, T. Sabers have the fastest running speed in the game, which will give you problems when pursuing. The pursuing is up to you to figure out.

- T. Rods vs T. Maces

One extremely-annoying tactic of the T. Maces is the charge 3 attack, which has a very strange movement that can easily go behind blocks. Move out of the way when they are using a charge 3 attack, and avoid being juggled like crazy. In short, watch their movement carefully. Otherwise, it shouldn't be a huge deal unless their Attack stat is very high.

- T. Rods vs Spear

The spear can easily block your attacks, and their Reach buff can cause major issues for you if you are not careful. Fight defensively and wait for an opening, then strike without mercy. Be careful not to be juggled by their extremely-annoying musou attack.

One thing to keep in mind is that the last blast of their True Musou attack is very slow. Quickly move in when the green explosion occurs, and then it's a free kill for you if done right.

- T. Rods vs Cudgel

Fight as if you were fighting a Spear user, except keep in mind that their musou attack moves, and their Attack stat is not as high. Also, many of their attacks can be escaped.

One very-annoying tactic of Cudgel users is to spam air-charge attacks. Keep this in mind.

- T. Rods vs T. Fans

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the most difficult fights you will ever have to face. Twin Fan users have some of the highest Attack stats in the game, and combined with their speed and confusing movements, they are one of the most feared weapons in Confront. In order to take down a Twin Fan user, the key is to be patient. Many Twin Fan users have habits of using the same moves repeatedly. These moves are the following: Charge 1 with Crescent, charge 3, air-charge, and Evolution attack. The air-charge is generally used as the starter to their combo attack, which is usually the Evolution attack. Charge 1 with Crescent is their ultimate finisher to stunned opponents, and it can have the potential to wipe out enemies in only a few hits. To defeat this foe, you must take the defensive stance and watch for an opening.

Charge 1 and 3: Assuming if you're not already stunned, charge 1 with Crescent and charge 3 are fairly easy to dodge due to the slow wind-up time. Jump or move out of the way. Their weakness is the time immediately after the initial attack.

Air-charge: Many times, a Twin Fan user will use this move if you are in the middle of doing a combo, which will immediately interrupt and ruin it. Newer Twin Fan users tend to run around and spam this move all over the field. Pull a fake combo to entice them into doing the attack, and then immediately jump behind or away from them. The moment they land back on the ground is the exact time when you counter.

Evolution Attack: Generally not used unless you are being engulfed in flames, or stunned. But in case if you come across someone doing this, get ready to move out of the way, since the final Evolution attack is a large, fast attack with a wide radius. Again, the moment they land is when you should counter.

- T. Rods vs S. Fan

If you and the S. Fan user are fighting one-on-one, and you know how to dodge his/her projectiles and AoE attacks, then this is by far one of your easiest fights. The S. Fan user will go down in only one or two combo attacks.

However, S. Fan users are almost never alone. They are one of the best supportive weapons in the game, by shooting lasers at you while his/her team members harass you up-close. It is generally better to put the S. Fan user as your main priority, and to chase him/her down to scare him/her away. Bear in mind that an S. Fan user with a buddy suddenly becomes a difficult opponent. Be extremely cautious when fighting multiple enemy players.

(Skywerewolf) Beware the S. Fan is still a weapon. Despite helpful team tactics the S. Fan can still have a bite. It still has a normal combo that can be started after a few ways of stunning you, such as a laser or air attacks, and despite the fact that it has great wide-range and long-range attacks any S.Fan user would be happy to show you that it can hold it's own in a corner. When you back an S.Fan user into a corner they will most likely do one of two things. First is use their C4+ ability to dash past/through/at you. If they have more options then they will most likely resort to their C6 ability, because all of them are still useful for one on one, in order to go in for the kill.

Despite a low attack because of their abilities backing an S. Fan Vet, such as myself, will only end up in you fighting one person. They also have defense as their 2nd highest upgrade, meaning that despite the helpful tactics they still could stats in a defense build, leaving you fighting somebody who you just separated from his buddy. This means that, when fighting somebody who is used to using it, you might end up dealing with 2 people no matter witch way you go at it. Also, because all ranged attacks hold elemental ability, they may be using an orb. That means that you are fighting a tactician rather than a warrior. So unless they don't know how to close combat any S. Fan user might turn very hostile as soon as you turn your attention to them.

- T. Rods vs V. Staff

It's not that hard to beat a V. Staff, contradictory to popular belief. This is one of the best moments to make use of your Fury buff. Beating a V. Staff user is similar to strategy against T. Pick users, except you must act extremely quickly, or he/she will get away fast.

A V. Staff user generally doesn't use any attacks other than his/her musou attack. Zoom-in the minimap, and watch your surroundings carefully. Prepare to bluff them into wasting a musou attack or defend yourself with your own musou attack when you see them approaching.

If you have successfully escaped the vortex with your musou attack (by moving out of it during the attack), activate Fury. Charge the musou bar to the maximum while the V. Staff musou attack is going on, and wait until his/her musou bar is near-empty. At that point, activate your musou attack and start moving toward the center of the vortex. Your enemy will land on your attack, and it should deal considerable damage.

If you have a Granite Belt on, simply jump out of the vortex, and wait. The final blast of wind has a slightly different appearance than the rest (especially when it is a True Musou, in which the final blast is a green cylinder). The moment the final blast occurs, Musou Attack your way inside and start pounding on him.

- T. Rods vs Claws

Claws hardly do much damage to T. Rod users, so get aggressive and just pound him/her into dust. The tactic for this is very similar to T. Sabers, except that the Claw musou attack is even easier to escape. Just be careful of the Claw's air-charge attack, and spam your Musou Attack when their Steadfastness buff is activated.

(Skywerewolf) Don't forget the most fundamental law of claw attacks, they are jerky and fast. While claws may not get that much attack, they can still go for high defense. This means that you must kill any claw user quickly or else they will escape or launch that will be hard to counter without a full musou bar. Claws will not so much to be used for PVP alone, unless they have tons of modifications on them, but instead they will be used for team combos. The claws and provide fast strikes, and 2 attacks are diving, so they will more likely be used attacks to dive at you or get at you when distracted. Note that not too many will fight in actual confront with claws, so this is more for those meetings during other modes.

- T. Rods vs I. Sword

Now here comes one of the most interesting fights you'll ever see. Iron Sword users all share one thing in common: They have many ranged attacks. They tend to have a habit of spamming charge 3 and air-charge attacks. Their musou is an annoying juggle. But most importantly, they make good use of the Phoenix buff by equipping an element, nearly all of the time. Although there are different strategies for each element, one thing remains the same: If you see an Iron Sword user with Phoenix and wearing an element, start running.

Fire: Not popular. Phoenix with fire is basically just an Attack boost. Fight defensively and wait for an opening to occur. Beware of the musou attack, since it will be nearly a True Musou attack. Rainy weather will piss off these fighters to no end.

Ice: Very popular. If it is a one-on-one situation, get on the defensive. Do not allow him/her to get a hit on you, since the freezing chance with Phoenix is very high. In fact, the freezing chance is so high, that this user will most likely spam every ranged and AoE attack at you, regardless of the situation. The freezing chance seems to be lower if you are in the air or juggled (not 100% tested/confirmed), In order to counter ranged attacks while you are running, change the map into a zoom-in view, and watch for the enemy player that pauses during his/her pursuit. When he/she pauses, they have just fired a projectile, so step to the side/jump to dodge it. If this user is with his/her team mates, don't even bother fighting.

Wind: Not popular. Wind will not do much in a one-on-one situation other than stop one way of dodging attacks. It is also advantageous if the enemy accidentally knocks you far away, since you can simply wait out the duration of the debuff. If the user is with his/her team mates, don't even bother fighting.

Lightning: Somewhat popular. Again, do not let the person hit. The big problem with this element is that it becomes more difficult to escape their attacks, especially if it is raining. These users also tend to spam every ranged and AoE attack. Mash every button on the keyboard if you get stunned. Stun chance does not lower whether if you are in the air or being juggled.

Vorpal: Extremely popular. This is your most dangerous out of the list. Not only does it inflict heavy damage, but it denies you the access to your musou attack, which is a form of escape. The best way to deal with this is to simply wait out the duration of Phoenix. If you must engage in fighting, be on the defensive most of the time, and avoid getting hit at all costs. One successful combo attack on you, and you're pretty much done for. Although rare, start running if they have a full musou bar ready, since the musou attack will most likely destroy you. One very annoying feature of a Vorpal I. Sword user is that their weapon is most likely built with 5 Defense and a ton of Life (since Vorpal does all the damage for them), which means that these people will not go down easily. They, however, depend very heavily on flasking, since 0 Attack tempers isn't going to do anything. If you can ambush a Vorpal I. Sword user and steal their flasks, your chances of a kill are much higher.

- T. Rods vs T. Sword

T. Swords are basically a slower version of the I. Sword for more heavier damage. They also have some great combo attacks and very annoying spammable moves. One of the most popular tactics with T. Sword users is to simply spam the air-charge attack. This is fairly easily countered by jumping over the AoE on the third pound, and then a quick combo to deal some considerable damage. Be aware that their musou attack is also not a juggle, similar to yours, which means that you can escape it with your own musou attack.

As a side note, T. Swords tend to be the weapon of choice for the laggiest players. Beware of strange "pauses" in between their movements and attacks.

- T. Rods vs Whip

As long as you don't get caught in the confusing attacks of the Whip, it shouldn't be a problem to deal with these enemies. However, Strong Guard will render your Attack stat nearly useless until the end of the buff. At this point, wait out the duration by charging your musou attack, and/or dodging. The Whip musou attack is not a big problem, and somewhat easily counterable.

- T. Rods vs N. Sword

The N. Sword has similar attacks to the T. Sword, but it doesn't perform well in Confront. You don't have to worry about their Obliterate buff, since it is useless in PVP situations (unless they are taking out your bases, leaving you nowhere to heal). In short, a N. Sword user isn't a huge problem. Dodge their AoE attacks, and take them out. Be careful of their high defense, though.

- T. Rods vs Nunchaku

Nunchaku users are one of the most annoying weapons you will have to fight, for several reasons. First, the attacking speed outclasses nearly, if not all, of the weapons available. Second, their Musou Attack cannot be escaped, even with a Granite Belt on. Third, their charge 5 covers a range very similar to the T. Rods charge 5. The role of the Nunchakus is to separate and single-out enemies, and then fight with an emphasis on hard offense. There are several ways around this:

Option 1: Force your opponent into the defensive: The speed of the Nunchakus is its greatest advantage, which can easily keep you locked in an endless combo until you die. Therefore, if you take that advantage away (by acting aggressively), you will put a large dent in his/her options. Just be very careful if they decide to parry (blocking + charge attack), and predict when they will activate their Musou Attack. If you successfully "bluff" a Nunchaku user into wasting his/her Musou, you will be surprised at the stupid things they will do when they panic.

Option 2: Wait for an opening: There is a brief but critical pause in between combos. Similar to fighting a Whip user, stay in the defensive and watch.

- T. Rods vs Chakram

Chakrams have some annoying moves that can stun, and are also able to juggle fairly easily, which can mean trouble. Fighting a Chakram user is similar to fighting a T. Fan user, except that their musou attack moves, and many of their normal attacks are slightly slower. Behave as if you were fighting a T. Fan user. The Musou Attack of the Chakrams cannot be escaped.

- T. Rods vs I. Blade

Iron Blades are used mainly for their shockwave Charge 3 attack. These players are extremely easy to predict, since the I. Blade only has a few moves effective in PVP (air-charge and charge 3). Avoid being hit by the charge 3 attack by standing away from their wind-up combos. Jump over the shockwave, and start pounding on them. Many will panic and activate their musou attack at this point, or when they are very low on health. The musou attack of the I. Blade is an annoying juggle similar to the G. Club, except that the True Musou will fire a straight blast of energy.

Fortitude means that you should just forget about trying to start combos with a stun, and just keep them juggled. However, juggling with the T. Rods is a little more difficult than other weapons.

One very popular 6th emblem for I. Blades is Fan, which is an explosion of power after throwing their weapon to the ground. Be ready to predict and dodge this.

- T. Rods vs E. Sword

E. Sword users depend heavily on their Life due to the Majesty buff. The fight becomes easier and easier as you deal more and more damage to the enemy. E. Sword users tend to spam charge 3, since their other attacks aren't very effective in PVP. The charge 3 attack can easily be blocked/dodged and countered. Just beware of an E. Sword user with low health, since their True Musou can be deadly. But in general, an E. Sword user shouldn't be much of a problem.

- T. Rods vs Cursed Deck

The Cursed Deck will almost always avoid fighting you directly. They have extremely low stats and a terrible Advanced buff. However, this does not exactly mean they can't fight at all. Cursed Deck has some tricky yet effective moves that can distract you long enough for his/her allies to arrive. The user can also outrun the Twin Rods movement speed.

If the user has Sacrifice activated, most likely they will be hiding in the corner of the map. Ambushing and cornering a Cursed Deck user with Sacrifice will almost guaranteed a kill, since these are sitting ducks on fire. Avoid their Musou by bluffing or scaring them into using it.

- T. Rods vs Trident

Unlike the Cursed Deck, the Trident actually has quite effective moves. They can move quickly and strike where it hurts, before you can even land a hit or two.

Above all things, watch out for their JC, since it is arguably their strongest move other than their Musou. Know how to predict and punish the enemy after dodging and/or blocking the JC. The Trident has some very high and annoying juggles that can, combined with Fire, be extremely deadly to you.

Wind/Tornado Orb Strategy

The strategy written above is for Twin Rods users who do not spam Charge 5. The tactic for Wind/Tornado Orb usage is entirely different, but remains the same for each weapon.

Twin Rods with the Wind element is an extremely aggressive fighting style. The strategy here is to keep your opponent unable to act at all times. In order to do this, spamming some moves repeatedly may be necessary (Charge 5 is the most popular due to its range and area of effect). Tornado Orbs will cause the enemy to be flung so high in the air, that it gives you enough time to fling them again while they are still airborne. However, if they are hit again in this fashion, they are able to flip away from you.

The downside to this fighting style is the lack of defensive measures. Enemies will still be able to activate their Musou Attack while being struck (unless they are in the air). Also, the fact that your Orb prevents you from using a defensive item (such as a Granite Belt), enemies using weapons such as the Iron Rod and the Giant Club will be your worst enemies. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to predict when they will attack, and when to "save" yourself with your own Musou Attack.

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