Troublesome Mage Map
Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Distribution
Minor Domestic Commerce
Damage needed? Yes

There are 4 mages in this quest that you have to defeat in a particular order. Li, Ma, Chen, and Wang. The mages are located at the 4 numbered points on the map here. The order in which you have to defeat them in is determined by random. Failing to defeat them in order will make all mages respawn. Quotes are completely random that determines which rank the mages are, but the main clue will be provided with the mage saying "I am rank # be gone".

Here is one example, you can tell the order of the mages you have to defeat by what they say. Here is how:
Master Li: "I am below Master Chen but higher than Master Ma"
Master Chen: "I am the second ranked mage let me be"
Master Wang: "I am rank higher than Master Chen"
Master Ma: "I rank below Master Li"

If Master Chen is the second ranked mage, Master Li has to be third ranked mage since he is below rank of Master Chen and then Master Ma will be the 4th ranked mage since he is below Master Li. Now, only 1 mage left, Master Wang. If Master Chen is second ranked mage and Master Wang is higher than Master Chen, then, Master Wang must be the ranked one mage.

Therefore on this quote the order goes this way,

Wang > Chen > Li > Ma

These are 3 possible orders in defeating those mages.

1) Li > Ma > Chen > Wang 4 > 3 > 1 > 2
2) Ma > Wang > Li > Chen 4 > 2 > 1 > 3
3) Wang > Chen > Li > Ma 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat all four Mages in the proper order
Time: 9:06
Crafting Sphere x2
Granite Belt x1
Tiger Tortoise Bauble Recipe
A Defeat all four Mage in the proper order
Time: 8:09
Crafting Sphere x2
B Defeat all four Mage in the proper order
Time: 6:00
Crafting Sphere x1
C Defeat all four Mages in the proper order
Time: 4:40
400 gold
D ? 300 gold
E ? 200 gold

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