Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Generals with Military Domestic
Time  ??:56
# of Players 2
Major Domestic Military
Minor Domestic Commerce
Damage needed? Yes

You must follow the trainer's instructions and complete the quest. Each player must perform 4 tasks.

  1. Defeat 200 enemies each.
  2. Take the two bases at the north of the map. There is one troop base and one tower base for each side.
  3. Each player must defeat 4 named officers on their side of the map.
  4. 8 more officers will appear at the bottom and you must defeat them to complete the quest. Be careful. They have Armor Level 4, normal and charge attacks won't flinch them, only musou will flinch.
Rank Requirements
Rank Condition Reward Partner's Reward
S Time: 4:17+ Elixir x4
Fire Orb x4
Wind Scroll x1
Elixir x4
Feather Amulet x4
A Time: 3:17 - 3:48 Elixir x4
Feather Amulet x4
Steel element x4
Feather Amulet x2
B Time: 2:39 ??? Elixir x2
Feather Amulet x1
C Time 1:51 Elixir x 2
D Time: 0:27 Elixir x1
Gold 300
E Unknown Unknown

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