Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 5:56 + 6:00
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Distribution
Damage needed? Yes

In order to get an S Rank on this quest, the following items must be retrieved:

  • Stolen Scripts from Deputy Chief
  • Urns from two Bandits
  • Stolen Painting from one of bodyguards
  • Gold from Bandit Chief
  • Stolen Wall Scroll from one of the bodyguards

Starting from northeast of the map, flask up Attack and capture base 1 (Captain). After capturing it, find Deputy Chief and defeat him. He is located somewhere on the northeast of the map near bases 1 and 2. The map will not ping his location when he appears. Just kill around 100 troops and he will appear definitely. Flask up damage and head towards base 2 (Tower) and capture it. Upon capturing this base, reinforcements will show up on the southeast part of the map, giving you a 3 minutes time extension. Head towards east part of the map, south of base 3 where one of the bandits and his bodyguard are. Defeat them both. Time will then be extended by 3 minutes. After this, head towards southwest part of the map, near base 5 and defeat the Bandit Chief. Then move west of base 4 where the last bandit and bodyguard are at. Make sure to defeat the bodyguard first before the bandit. As the quest will end when you defeat the bandit.

Rank Condition Reward
S Retrieve all 5 items. M: Warrior's Headband +4
F: Crimson Cloth +4
Anti-ice element x4
Anti-wind element+1 x2
Stone Belt of Swiftness Recipe
A Fail to retrieve one of the items. M: Warrior's Headband +2
F: Crimson Cloth +2
Anti-ice element x4
B Fail to retrieve two of the items. M: Warrior's Headband +1
F: Crimson Cloth +1
Anti-ice element x3
C Fail to retrieve three of the items by
killing only the 2 Bandits.
M: Warrior's Headband +1
F: Crimson Cloth +1
250 gold
D Unknown Unknown
E Kill one Bandit then the Deputy Chief. 450 gold

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