Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Requirement Complete The Wondrous Spring
Time 4:56 + 5:00
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Distribution
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? No

At the beginning of the quest, head to Base 3 (Captain base) in the northeast and capture it within the time limit. After that, the Red Horse on the map will appear. Follow the next 4 instructions given by Yin Mi. Watch out for the warning "We cannot defeat it or the Red Horse will vanish." This means don't kill the guardians or anything that will cause the Red Horse to vanish. Just follow the instructions carefully.

Here are some possible instructions:

Legend says

1st Instruction (choice out of 6):

  • A: "Shave the horse's mane" - Defeat all yellow troops on the back neck of the horse (The Mane). Watch out and do not kill the guardians unless instructed to do so.
  • B: "Defeat 100 troops that have no names!"- Get your K.O. count to 100 from killing regular troops.
  • C: "Go and clip one of the Red horses hooves!" - Defeat the yellow troops at the tip of the legs. Just have to defeat one set, not all of them.
  • D: "Show yourself to the 8 Guardians in hiding!" - Meet with all 8 Guardians, simply walk past them and they should say "Checking..." do not kill any of them.
  • E: "Close/shut the eye of the horse!" - Meaning you should defeat all the yellow troops around the eye out don't kill the guardian residing near that area.
  • F: "Shear the tail!" - Defeat all the yellow troops that form the horses tail.

2nd Instruction:

"Impress the guardians of ..." - Defeat the guardians in the specified part of the horse.For example if said to defeat guardians of ear and legs, just simply defeat the ear guardian and legs guardians.

3rd Instruction (choice out of 3):

  • A: "Take what's at the horses nose." - Capture base 1, the northwest corner base (Troop base).
  • B: "Turn the horses liver blue" or "Go strike terror into Red Horse!" - Capture base 4 or the base near the middle (Troop base).
  • C: "Enter what the Red Horse's hind legs is kicking'!" Go into the enemy supply base, but do NOT capture it.

4th Instruction:

"Treasure lies where the Red Horse was born" - Go back to base 3, northeast base, and the quest will be completed. Time does not seem to matter on this quest to S rank.
Rank Condition Reward
S Complete all objectives without failing and recover treasure Remedy x1
Crafting Sphere x5
Fire Peacock Scroll Recipe
A Complete all objectives except the final one (time runs out) Crafting Sphere x4
Strawberry Seed x1
B ??? ???
C ??? ???
D ??? ???
E ??? ???

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