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Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Requirement Complete Much Effort, Little Reward
# of Players 3
Major Domestic Technology
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? Yes

Note: Troops do not respawn during this quest, flask carefully. All 8 bases are Tower bases.


  • Player 1 - You start in front of Base 7 you will have plenty of time to flask as there are a lot of troops in your route. Capture Base 7, break the barricade after and then capture Base 8. Wait for your partners near the ally supply base.
  • Player 2 - You start in front of Base 4 capture it and then jump over the wall and capture Base 3, then wait for your partners near the ally supply base.
  • Player 3 - You start in front of Base 6 capture it then capture Base 1. Afterwards wait for your partners near the ally supply base.


After all players have united infront of the supply base 2 players should go for Base 2 while the 3rd goes down the left hand path breaking the barricades and killing the officers that show up. Then all 3 continue downward to capture Base 5 and kill the last officer that spawns.

Rank Condition Leader Reward Partner Reward
S 4:30 Anti-steel element x5
Weeping Plum Seed x2
Fire/Ice/Vorpal/Wind/Lightning Elixir Recipe
Anti-steel element x4
Weeping Plum Seed x1
A 2:50 Hua Tuo's Journalx4
Granite Belt x1
B ?? ??
C ?? ??
D ?? ??
E ?? ??

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