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Quest Grade D
Quest NPC Generals with bonus to Commerce
Time 14:56
# of Players 2
Major Domestic Commerce
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? No

This quest requires you to eavesdrop on an enemy commander and a corrupt merchant.

Note: You need to have a total of 1000 KO's between the both of you and defeat Merchant + Zhong Liang within 1 minute after the messenger say it's now the best time to break up the trade.

Best Place while Farming Troops Is:
1. Below Base 2 area ( see the blue number one)
2. Above Base 3 area

Rank Condition Reward Helper Reward
S Total 1000 KO in the end
Defeat the Enemy Commander and the Corrupt Merchant within 1 minute after the messenger says "It would be the best time."
Dragon Amulet x5
Granite Belt x2
A Have both players defeat 200 Enemies each
Defeat Enemy Commander and
Corrupt Merchant after the trade has been made under 5:00
Dragon Amulet x3
B Unknown Unknown
C Defeat only the Corrupt Merchant after the trade is completed Dragon Amulet x1
250 gold
D Defeat Enemy Commander and
Corrupt Merchant when he first appears
Dragon Amulet x1
100 Gold
450 Gold
E Unknown 450 Gold

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