Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 14:56
# of Players 1
Major Domestic Military
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? No

The goal of this quest is to complete all the objectives and go back to the supply base before any new objective appear. The result are better by entering the least amount of enemy bases possible.

Simple walk through:

The screenshot depicts the path you should take to only enter 5 bases and complete the quest with an S rank.

  • Your first objective is to defeat Messenger 1. As soon as the quest starts head east and then north through the first base and up to the first location indicated by a star. Kill Messenger 1.
  • Messenger 2 will appear just a little bit north of Messenger 1. It takes him some time to arrive there, as he first appears to the west of the middle red base. A couple of seconds later he will disappear and reappear to the east of the base near where messenger 1 appeared. Quickly dispose of him as soon as he does appear. Hint: To make him spawn, walk from the spot where Messenger 1 spawns to where Messenger 2 should be, then walk back.
  • Next, go east and up through the second base to kill the Enemy Leader. Don't go into the supply base as he is standing just west outside of it.
  • Finally make your way back west through the third and fourth base. After going through the 4th base wait for the Brigand Chief to appear and kill him.
  • After defeating the Brigand Chief go through the fifth base and make your way back to your supply base to complete the quest.
  • To get S rank, complete within 6:53. If you do not finish within 6:53, the Bandit General will appear just below base 2
Rank Condition Reward
S Defeat the 2 Messengers, Enemy Leader, and the Brigand Chief.
Enter an Enemy base no more than 5 times.
Complete all the Objectives before 6:53
Crafting Sphere x4
Anti-lightning element+1 x2
Time Scroll x1
Liquid Dye x1
A Defeat the 2 Messengers, Enemy Leader, and Brigand Chief.
Enter an Enemy base no more than 6 times.
Complete all Objectives before 7:21
Elixir x4
Rain Amulet x4
B Defeat the 2 Messengers, Enemy Leader and Brigand Chief.
Enter an Enemy Base no more then 6 Times.
Complete all Objectives before 6:43
Elixir x4
Rain Amulet x2
C Defeat the 2 Messengers, Enemy Leader and Brigand Chief.
Enter an Enemy base 6 times, including entering an Enemy base twice.
Complete all Objectives before 6:53
Elixir x4
D Defeat 2 Messengers, Enemy Leader, Brigand Chief and Bandit General
Enter an Enemy base 6 times.
Complete all the Objectives before time runs out.
Elixir x2
E Just Finish Quest Before Time runs out
Enter Bases as many times as you want.
Elixir x1
300 Gold
DWO QUEST GUIDE Smooth Operations03:49

DWO QUEST GUIDE Smooth Operations

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