Here are all the recipes currently in the game(work in progress). Listed in the table is the: recipe, the two materials needed to make the recipe, the amount of ore needed to craft, the amount gold it cost if you use the communal pot, the level of the recipe(certain pots can only make certain levels), and how to obtain the recipe in the first place. Recipes can be obtained from leveling your item crafting skill or from quests.

The list below is how it shows in the recipe's list when you open it up.


To create recipes you need an Alchemy Pot, the Alchemy Pot you have determines what level recipes you can make at home for no gold. The Communal Pot will always have 1/3 of your real chance to make items and will cost you gold.

Recipe Level Pot Cauldron Large Cauldron Masters Cauldron
1-2 O O O O
3-4 X O O O
5-6 X X O O
7 X X X O

Recipe type list

Better than expected result

While mixing items there is a chance that the item you intended to make will be replaced with an "accidental" creation. These items can only be made by chance if your attempt to mix succeeded, the Ore and items originally used will still be consumed upon this happening.

For Raw Items when you mix to make their +1 variant there's a chance you'll make the +2, and when trying for the +2 you may make the +3. However they will make a different item when you attempt to make the +3 variant.

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