Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Commanding General
Time 14:56
Major Domestic Technology
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? Yes

Capture all 4 bases
Get 700 KO's
Defeat your General

2. Officer
3. Troop
4. Captain
5. Tower

+1 Cape of your representing faction.
1 Tornado Scroll

There are 3 barricades on this map which you will want to have high damage to take them out quickly. Farm 500 KO's on the eastern path near your starting point, you should be able to get the rest from capturing bases. Head to bases in order of 4 > 5 (breaking the barricade along the way) > 3 (breaking the barricade along the way) > 2. If your KO count isn't at 700 that will be your next task, however if you have more your general will spawn. Defeat them to finish the quest.

The general will spawn on the west pathway that is blocked by a barricade. It is suggested to destroy the final barricade before you get 700 KO's due to the final barricade being right next to your general and they will run up to you while you're trying to destroy the barricade, so having it destroyed already will allow you to run right up to them and attack.

DWO QUEST GUIDE - Rear General Promotion04:57

DWO QUEST GUIDE - Rear General Promotion

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