For the most part a lot Raw Items have 4 variants (0, +1, +2, +3) most if not all are used in some form of recipe to make an item.


Seeds bags are colored by the type of colored dye they can mix to make with their harvested item, there are 8 colors though there are 12 different bags. Some share the same bag color and thus can mix with each other, those that only have one bag can mix with itself or a Crafting Sphere to make the colored dye.

Seed Bag Tree or Flower Color Harvest Item(Level 4) Harvest Item(Level 5)
Bellflowers seed Flower Blue Bellflower flower
Palm seed Tree Green Palm tree leaf
Willow seed Tree Green Willow leaf
Lantern plant seed Flower Orange Lantern plant fruit
Peach seed Tree Peach Peach blossom Peach fruit
Chinese Peony seed Flower Purple Chinese Peony flower
Iris seed Flower Purple Iris flower
Weeping Plum seed Tree Red Plum blossom
Tree Peony seed Flower Red Tree Peony
Strawberry seed Flower Red Strawberry fruit
Lily seed Flower White Lily flower
Sunflower seed Flower Yellow Sunflower flower

Note: Peach seed is the only one able to go to Lv 5, the rest stop at Lv 4

Colored Dyes and Colored Fabrics

These are made from mixing harvested items gained from gardening. They are used to make specific gear parts of the Legendary Beast set.

Colored Dye Colored Fabric Beast Part used for
Orange dye Vermillion Fabric Male Head
Purple dye Deep Purple Fabric Male Torso
Green dye Dark Green Fabric Male Arms
Red dye Crimson Fabric Male Feet
White dye Pure White Fabric Female Head
Peach dye Pink Fabric Female Torso
Blue dye Indigo Fabric Female Arms
Yellow dye Golden Fabric Female Feet

Note: Success or failure will result in loss of the Fabric when trying to make Beast gear, make sure to have plenty of spares just incase.


These items are necessary for mixing. These items do not have multiple variants.

Item Effect
Crafting Sphere Needed for crafting raw items into items.
True Crafting Sphere Needed for crafting raw items into items. Usually higher quality.
Flat Fabric Needed to make colored fabrics.

Chi Imbuement Gems

Gems used for the base stat modding system. You cannon gain these from helping Gardens. These cannot be put in the Guild Storage Box, Broker and also can't be sent to friends.

Gem Chi Type
Pointed Crystal Attack
Lapis Lazuli Stone Balance
Rain Drop Defense

Legendary Beast Drops

Drops gained by slaying the legendary beasts in Kunlun Mountain, the useless drop can be gained outside of Kunlun, the rest need the beast to be slain.

Part Qinglong Zhuque Baihu Xuanwu
Useless Dragon's Broken Scale Firebird's Spirit White Tiger's Fur Turtle-Snake
Head Piece Dragon's Beard Firebird's Beak White Tiger's Whisker Turtle-Snake Shell
Torso Piece Dragon's Jewel Firebird's Gem White Tiger's Jewel Turtle-Snake Jewel
Arms Piece Dragon's Scale Firebird's Wings White Tiger's Claw Turtle-Snake Horn
Feet Piece Dragon's Tail Firebird's Tailfeather White Tiger's Fang Turtle-Snake Beard


Raw items needed to create other items, these tend to hog up inventory space for those not interested in getting Item Craft to the cap (50), they can be mixed with themselves to create higher variants at the cost of no Ore or they can mix with Crafting Spheres as an alternative way to get other recipe mixes.

Stone Mirror Ink Gourd Storm Tear
Fur Dragon's Broken Scale Firebird's Spirit White Tiger's Fur Turtle-Snake
Fire element Ice element Steel element Wind element Lightning element
Anti-fire element Anti-ice element Anti-steel element Anti-wind element Anti-lightning element

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