Quest Grade B
Time ??:56
S Rank Time Time: 4:51
Zhou Yu and Huang Gai are defeated before Sun Ce dies from his poison.
Bonus /Spring emote
Damage needed? No

You start just outside the blue supply base and are asked by Da Qiao to deliver a weapon to Sun Ce in the southern hidden passage. Both the northern road and the northern hidden passage contains ambushes that you must defeat, so take the faster hidden passage and defeat the soldiers that appear at 1a and 1b.

Move to the southern hidden passage and defeat the three yellow bosses (2a - 2c). Two are in the central part and the third is west of the barricade. Sun Ce can be lured to them and will help defeat them if you need. Sun Ce will be poisoned regardless if he helps or not. After the three yellow bosses are defeated, Sun Ce will respawn at 3a and you are asked to chase him, first to base 1 then to 3b where another ambush awaits. Defeat the illusion soldiers of Han Dang and Cheng Pu. Again, Sun Ce can help.

When both are defeated, Zhou Yu will spawn at 4a and Huang Gai at 4b, both with Armor Level 5. Both are very strong but can be lured back to Sun Ce who will fight them until the poison overtakes his body, which happens at approximately 7 minutes remaining. Last hit both before Sun Ce is overcome by poison if possible. There are several crates in this area if you wish or need to fight either or both Zhou Yu and Huang Gai.

The last step is finding Yu Ji, who is randomly hidden in one of three locations (5a - 5c). Move through each location until you find him. When you do, Da Qiao will arrive to help defeat Yu Ji. He has a good amount of health but no armor so is relatively easy to defeat.

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