What is the Peach Garden?


In-game shots of the Plaza maps.

The Peach Garden, named after the site where Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei swore an oath of brotherhood, it is a place where players from all factions can mingle and talk to each other. While in the Peach Garden, all players will have the name and symbol of their faction displayed over their head to signify to other players where they come from. The Peach Garden contains three plazas a West, Central and East Plaza.

How do I get to the Peach Garden?

You can get to the Peach Garden by talking to the Peach Nymph NPC in your faction, she is found in the market as well as near the Melee Receptionist. Do note that you must be Lt. Colonel (500 Honor) or higher to travel to the Peach Garden. When you want to return back to your faction just talk to the Peach Nymph again.

What can you do in the Peach Garden?

Besides talking to other players and adding them to your friend list. There are a couple of NPCs you can interact with as well. The Blacksmith, Antiques Dealer, and Merchant are available in the Peach Garden. However, the Broker is not. You can also visit your house while in the Peach Garden, but the use of furniture like the Shipping Desk is disabled. So you cannot ship weapons, items, or gear to other factions, no cross faction trading. Additionally you can't go into your Garden or the garden of any of your friends.

Also, you cannot fight other players in the Peach Garden. The battle modes that you can participate in are Kunlun Mountain and Survival Match (when announced).

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