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A Wei board with 2 stamps

Musou Board

The Musou Board is a way of rewarding the player for logging in. Each day you can visit an officer (shown in the "Current Officer") and talk to them to recieve one stamp on your board. If you do not check who is the "Officer of the day" you will not get your stamp as you have to visit their office. Every 5 stamps you can turn in your board to an officer of your choice to the bonus item listed and turning in a full board increased Trust with the officer.

Musou Board(Shu)

A Shu Musou board with one stamp and the "officer of the day" in picture

The board is only taken away when you fill the board (30 stamps), afterwords you are given a new board with new bonuses. After filling your second board (60 stamps total) you will be rewarded with a reincarnation orb by Zuo Ci.

During Campaign times, all Generals except the faction leader will not be in their office (they are in the battle field), and the faction leader is where you would get your stamp from during campaign.


A Wu Musou board with one row turned in

Possible Musou Board Configurations

Musou Board 1:
5: Tiger Amulet
10: Large Flask
15: Enchanted Mirror
20: Hurricane Card
25: Claw Amulet
30: Seven Star Sash

Musou Board 2:
5: Fire Orb
10: Ice Orb
15: Vorpal Orb
20: Wind Orb
25: Lightning Orb
30: Seven Star Sash

Musou Board 3:
5: Peacock Amulet
10: Hua Tuo's Journal
15: Feather Amulet
20: Thermal Scroll
25: Herbal Elixir
30: Seven Star Sash

Musou Board 4:
5: Dragon Amulet
10: Rain Amulet
15: Scale Amulet
20: Blitz Scroll
25: Remedy
30: Seven Star Sash

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