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Or as others refer to them as Endings. These are short animations featuring your character and the General you served at the end of a Scenario. To get these you must have at least 5000 Honor and be at or above Rear General rank. You can re-view your endings via War Records. Names with (JPN) after don't have English text in the movie.


General Movie
Xiahou Dun
Dian Wei
Xu Zhu
Cao Cao
Xiahou Yuan
Zhang Liao(JPN)
Sima Yi
Xu Huang(JPN)
Zhang He
Zhen Ji
Cao Ren(JPN)
Cao Pi
Pang De(JPN)


General Movie
Zhou Yu(JPN)
Lu Xun
Taishi Ci(JPN)
Sun Shang Xiang
Sun Jian
Sun Quan
Lu Meng
Gan Ning
Huang Gai
Sun Ce
Da Qiao(JPN)
Xiao Qiao(JPN)
Zhou Tai
Ling Tong


General Movie
Zhao Yun
Guan Yu
Zhang Fei
Zhuge Liang
Liu Bei
Ma Chao
Huang Zhong(JPN)
Jiang Wei
Wei Yan
Pang Tong
Yue Ying
Guan Ping
Xing Cai(JPN)


General Movie
Diao Chan
Lu Bu
Dong Zhuo
Yuan Shao
Meng Huo
Zhu Rong

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