Basic Information

  • Moveset: Zhou Yu
  • Advanced Skill: Phoenix - Grants elemental activation to all attacks. This includes normal attacks, charge attacks, jump attacks and musou.

Basic Stats

Weapon Atk Dmg Def Life Mus Spd Jmp Skill
Iron Sword 41(6) 42(3) 28(2) 150(5) 155(1) 130 155 Phoenix

Upgrade Stats

Level Name Atk Dmg Def Life Mus
6 3 2 5 1
1 Iron Sword +28 +23 +23 +26 +17
2 Sharpened Sword +31 +26 +26 +29 +20
3 Steel Sword +34 +29 +29 +32 +23
4 Elder Sword +37 +32 +32 +35 +26
5 Ancient Sword +40 +35 +35 +38 +29
6 True Ancient Sword +43 +38 +38 +41 +32

Note: The above values are averages. Some weapons found in battle may vary in upgrade stats by +/- 1. (The numbers under the stat columns indicate the upgrade slots)


Iron Sword Sharpened Sword Steel Sword
IronSwordDescription SharpenedSwordDescription SteelSwordDescription
Elder Sword Ancient Sword True Ancient Sword
ElderSwordDescription Ancient Sword True Ancient Sword


Emblem Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Rotation Lock Element SA
Thrust Shoots a wind cone in front of you. O O O
Pierce Kick forward then does a backwards slash. O (Both hits) O (Slash)
Crescent Frontal slash while spinning followed by a forward thrust. O (First hit) O (Second hit) O (Both hits)
Moon Twirls around and does a 360 degree explosion attack. Has slight start up and launches enemies into the air without a possibility for air recovery, so they can be juggled in the follow up. O X
Fan Frontal slash to the left. Doesn't hit enemies directly behind. O O
Eclipse Jumps in the air and does a 360 red tornado attack launching attack. Short start up and recovery setting up for juggles. O X


  • Stagger - Enemy weapon gets pushed up in the air and they lean backwards. Hitting them before they can fully recover will cause them to be juggled.
  • Dizzy - Enemy is dazed with stars over their head and unable to move. Any attack while in this state will cuase them to be juggled.
  • Knockback - Sends the enemy backwards away from you. Usually ending a combo.
  • Launch - Knocks the enemy up in the air setting them up for a juggle.
  • Rotation Lock - Inability to turn your character during the animation.
  • Element - If weapon is imbued with an orb or element, the element can be activated on this attack.
  • SA - Super Armor status. Cannot be flinched by normal attacks while performing this. Indicated by little swirly sparks around your body.
  • "O" indicates the attack has this effect on the enemy. "X" means this attack does not have elemental activation.

Emblem Evaluation

Target C1 C6
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse
Confront Excellent Ok Good Bad Bad Ok Ok Ok Ok Good
Defeat/Capture Ok Ok Good Ok Bad Ok Ok Good Ok Excellent

Note: These evaluations are the opinions of players here and can change from time to time.

  • Excellent - Very effective against this target.
  • Good - Pretty effective against this target.
  • Ok - Somewhat effective against this target.
  • Bad - Not effective against this target.

Emblem Demonstration Video

thumb|left|300px|Maximize the video in order to see annotations on what attacks are being used. Or watch on YouTube.

Charge Attacks

Attack Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Element SA
C2 Swings Sword up. O X
C3 Does a series of downward slashes with Sword while twirling around. Ends with low frontal slash. Can juggle opponent after stunning them. O (Last hit) O (Last hit)
C4 Jumps in the air and does twirling frontal slash. Second and third twirls only activate when you hit someone. O (Last input) O (First input)
C5 Frontal tornado launcher. O O
JA Downward slash. O X
JC Throws blue projectile disk at a downward angle and stomps on the ground. O (Stomp) O (Disk) X
D A series of running slash attacks that can continuously juggle the enemy. Can be repeated up to 3 times O X
Evo N4-->N5-->N6. O O X O


  • C# = Charge Attack, JA = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, D = Dash Attack, Evo = Evolution Attack.
  • C1 and C6 depend on the emblem.
  • C3 gets longer with Combo upgrade. Can end C3 prematurely if you don't continue to press charge attack.


Type Mobility Juggles? Finisher does Description
Regular Musou Low Yes Launch A series of upward slashes while walking forward. Ends with a twirling upwards slash that covers all around.
True Musou Knockback Musou with added fire damage. Ends with a twirl followed by an explosion stab.

Musou Length

Musou Stat 155-??? 190-227 228-265 266-303 304-341 342-???
Number of Hits(Regular/True) 9/9 11/11 13/13 15/15 17/17 19/19

This table lists the musou stat and how much musou is needed to increase the number of hits in your musou. (Assuming you use the full bar when you musou.) Do note that the musou stat values here may not necessarily be the lowest threshold needed on the musou stat to increase the number of musou hits. It's just a guaranteed stat that has been tested.

Motion Damage Values

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5
Base 10 8 8 10 12 17 20 10 12 17 20 8 5+12 17 12+(5+10)*N+10 12+5+10 12
Combo 16 26 38 55 75 65 77 94 114 25 53-83 53 50

Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
Base 3 5 18+20 20+20 15+15 17 18 12 15*N+17 15*N+15(fire)
  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is usually the knockback finisher of the combo(if it has one).
  • "Base" represents the damage value of the attack by itself. The "Combo" damage value represents the total sum if you had connected with the all previous attack strings. (So C3 combo value is the total value of N1+N2+C3 values)
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled.

Temper Builds

Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Modes Suggested Orbs Description
40332 25 1 in Attack Upgrade, 1 in Max Temper, and One in another Upgrade Thrust, Crescent Eclipse Confront Any All around build suitable for use with any orbs.
40323 25 1 in Attack Upgrade, 1 in Max Temper, and One in another Upgrade Thrust, Crescent Eclipse Confront Fire, Lightning Can be used with a fire orb or lightning orb. Both depend on musou + Phoenix to kill the enemy.
30530 27 1 in Defense Upgrade, 3 in Max Temper Thrust Eclipse Confront Ice Total ice build used to support your teammates with freezing enemies. And keeping them frozen.
30432 25 2 in Upgrade of your choice, 1 in Max Temper Thrust Eclipse Confront Ice, Wind Can be used with wind or ice. If using wind, you will infinite juggle the enemies. If using ice, you support but also can kill things on your own.
50312 25 2 in Attack Upgrade, 1 in Max Temper Thrust Eclipse Confront Lightning The ultimate lightning build. Stun enemies with your JC or thrust emblem. Then unleash Phoenix + musou to destroy enemies. Should use flash lieutenant for maximum effect.
00540 25 2 in Defense or Life Upgrade, 1 in Max Temper Thrust Eclipse Confront Vorpal The vorpal build. Depend entirely on Phoenix + vorpal to deal damage to enemies. Attack is not needed since vorpal ignores defense and attack values.
40412 24 2 in Attack Upgrade, 1 in any Moon Any Confront Wind Imbue your Weapon with wind element, use tornado orb. You will do endless juggling to an enemy with your Moon E1, until your advance buff ends.
50321 25

2 in Attack Upgrade,

1 in Max Temper

Pierce Eclipse Confront Light Use C1 to finish enemy after stun or freeze

Note: Builds listed here are the number of stars you should put in each stat. The order goes: Attack, Damage, Defense, Life, Musou. So a build of "43320" means to put: 4 stars in attack, 3 stars in damage, 3 stars in Defense, 2 stars in Life, and 0 stars in Musou.



C3--->C3--->Cancel into Musou

C3--->Evo--->Cancel into Musou

Emblem Thoughts

Thrust: Good for elemental long range activation on C1.



Moon: Has a slight start up time, but can be used to trick opponents into letting their guard down.


Eclipse: The most recommended emblem for emblem 6. Short start up, short recovery and a wide radius of attack.


This weapon shines best in PvP. Use orbs + Phoenix for high damage. Lightning and Ice orbs are recommended to stun and keep opponents frozen. Use the jump charge to interrupt combos of opposing players and help allies who are being comboed. Jump charge is a very safe attack, but don't spam it as people can begin to read your moves. Use the running attack to your advantage to catch runners and interrupt enemy combos. Also can use Thrust emblem on C1 to activate your element from a long distance.

Here are the orbs and how they should be used with Phoenix or just have on you. Phoenix gives you a rather large advantage in elemental effects so use it to help.

Vorpal: Musou foil. This weapon is either for you, 1v1, or you are taking one for the team. Using it with Phoenix or Thrust will cause the enemies musou to drop at a distressing amount during a lethal moment. You can prevent spammers with Thrust or Phoenix jump charge. If there is an all out brawl, vorpal enemies as much as possible. Even if your enemy does not spam, they will still use musou to get out of a combo or a corner. You can use vorpal to keep them from having an escape plan, but remember that you may deny yourself that as well using it. Also, any vorpal hit has a chance of one hit any lesser unit, and it will be one hit, so if you need to clear out smaller troops then you can also use it for that.

Lightning: Stun lock/predictive power. There are 2 things you can use Lightning for. You can use it as a stun/damage boost in brawls or as leverage in 1v1, or you can predict the use of a rain amulet and instead of a stun attack use it as a supercharged element. Despite the two uses, same tactics. Either keep the enemy juggled, as the enemy will be lifted when hit, or let a battle partner do it for you, or use Phoenix to pile on the damage you do. Lightning will still do extra damage, so if you want you can instead battle with it and use it as a damage buff instead of trying to stun. The enemy will most likely be in the air anyway unless they have super armor.

Wind: Don't run. Not the best choice for melee attackers, but as wind does slow enemies, making it a hard choice wether to use Phoenix, but you might try to get an elemental hit on any enemy you see trying to run away. Note that if you are farming NPCs, or an entire team of coms, you may have some fun with this combo and just watching the enemies fly.

Ice: The blizzard. Ice does not have any complex tactics, just one simple idea to run off of. Freeze them in place. Ice is one of the most effective battle aids because the enemy would be forced to stay on the ground the entire time and must wait out the duration of the ice, with stun you can press a button quickly to get out, so full damage is done and the enemy can not move. This means you can keep attacking them on the ground or you just made one perfect opportunity attack for a teammate, you can also feel free to run away. Combine Phoenix with musou using ice and you may do a great amount of damage to an enemy, but you can't burn a frozen unit.

Fire: Hazard. Not too difficult to use, just activate Phoenix and keep the enemy in the air, and as the moveset is great for juggles this is a good combo for that. This is if you want pure, defense nulling raw power behind an attack. This can be made weaker by rain, although you still do damage it's not strong at all, but make sure you don't abuse the power in the same way otherwise you may be a main target of others. Also a Phoenix charged musou will leave your enemies in the same condition as a true, without the natural risk, but you may want to save musou for an evolution combo to keep them in the air longer.


Gather enemies together and use the first hit of your C4 to kill them without knocking them back. Don't follow up with the 3rd hit of the C4, but try to only do the first charge as enemies will get the "stagger" effect meaning you have to wait a second if you don't want to knock them away. Allowing for easy flask pickup. Can also use Moon Emblem on C1.


This weapon is not recommended for capture as it has an attack upgrade slot of 6. Which is too high for some capture battles that requires fast upgrades. If you do use it for capture use the evolution attack to bring down towers. The C4 attack to hit around juggernauts.

Combo Videos

Combo Video 1

thumb|left|300px|Recorded by Godfather guild. A video of doing an infinite combo using a tornado orb + phoenix advanced skill. Not recommended for people with lots of lag.

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