Basic InformationEdit

  • Moveset: Original
  • Advanced Skill: Thunderclap - Dashing(wind flow after running a few steps) will produce an aura around you dealing damage to enemies.
  • Base Siege: 1.2

Basic StatsEdit

Weapon Atk Dmg Def Life Mus Spd Jmp Skill
Horned Blade 48(5) 39(1) 28(2) 160(3) 145(6) 125 145 Thunderclap

Upgrade StatsEdit

Level Name Atk Dmg Def Life Mus
5 1 2 3 6
1 Horned Blade +32 +18 +20 +27 +33
2 Sharpened Horned Blade +35 +21 +23 +30 +36
3 Fiery Horned Blade +38 +24 +26 +33 +39
4 Talon Horned Blade +41 +27 +29 +36 +42
5 Master Horned Blade +44 +30 +32 +39 +45
6 True Master Horned Blade +47 +33 +35 +42 +48

Note: The above values are averages. Some weapons found in battle may vary in upgrade stats by +/-1. (The numbers under the stat columns indicate the upgrade slots)


Horned Blade Sharpened Horned Blade Fiery Horned Blade
Horned Blade Sharpend Horned Blade Fiery Horned Blade
Talon Horned Blade Master Horned Blade True Master Horned Blade
Talon Horned Blade Master Horned Blade Insert 200x216 picture of weapon with no element here.


Emblem Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Rotation Lock Element SA
Thrust Swing Blade upward to the left and right releasing a red X forward. O(Second X) C1 O(Second X) C6
Pierce 3 quick front flip slashes in place followed by a jumping sword slam. Slam causes enemy to drop on their back. O(3rd spin) C6(Slam)
Crescent Hopping downward slash to the left, Hopping slash to the right, ends with a frontal slash to the left with a slash trail. O(Slash trail) C6(Slash trail)
Moon Counterclockwise spin. O C6 O
Fan Swing Blade upward to the left releasing a red X, frontal swing to the right releasing a red X, ending with an upward swing forward releasing a cone shaped wave. O(Cone wave) O(Cone wave)
Eclipse Crouch body together then stretch out with an AoE effect surrounding you. O O


  • Stagger - Enemy weapon gets pushed up in the air and they lean backwards. Hitting them before they can fully recover will cause them to be juggled.
  • Stun - Enemy is dazed with stars over their head and unable to move. Any attack while in this state will cause them to be juggled.
  • Knockback - Sends the enemy backwards away from you. Usually ending a combo.
  • Launch - Knocks the enemy up in the air setting them up for a juggle.
  • Rotation Lock - Inability to turn your character during the animation.
  • Element - If weapon is imbued with an orb or element, the element can be activated on this attack.
  • SA - Super Armor status. Cannot be flinched by normal attacks and some charge attacks while performing this. Indicated by little orange swirly sparks around your body.
  • "O" indicates the attack has this effect on the enemy. "X" means this attack does not have elemental activation.

Emblem EvaluationEdit

Target C1 C6
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse
Confront Excellent Ok Good Ok Bad Ok Good Excellent Good Ok
Defeat/Capture Bad Good Ok Ok Bad Excellent Good Good Ok Good

Note: These evaluations are just the opinions of players here and are subject to change from time to time.

  • Excellent - Very effective in this mode.
  • Good - Pretty effective in this mode.
  • Ok - Somewhat effective in this mode.
  • Bad - Not effective in this mode.

Emblem Demonstration VideoEdit

Insert your emblem video here!


Attack Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Element SA
Charge 2 Upward slash. O X
Charge 3 Downward slashes to the left. O(Last hit) O(Last hit)
Charge 4 Lunging slash on the right side. O O
Charge 5 Backflip leaving a cone shaped wave forward. O O
Dash Attack Upward slash. O X
Jump Normal Swipe to the left. O X
Jump Charge Lifting slash followed by a punch with the left hand and kick from the right leg. Ends with a kick from the left leg. O(Last kick) O(Lifting swipe) X
Evolution N4>N5>N6. O O X O


  • Charge 1 and Charge 6 depend on the emblem.
  • Charge 3 gets longer with Combo upgrade. Can end Charge 3 prematurely if you don't continue to press charge attack.
  • Jump Charge can be extended if you continue to press charge attack.


Type Mobility Juggles? Finisher does Description
Regular Musou Good Yes Knockback Front flip slashes while moving forward. Ends with a low sweep with a slash trail.
True Musou Musou with added fire damage. Ends with a shockwave when you land followed by an AoE upon stomping the ground.

Musou LengthEdit

Musou Stat 145-??? ???-??? ???-??? ???-??? ???-??? ???-???
Number of Hits ??/?? ??/?? ??/?? ??/?? ??/?? ??/??

This table lists the musou stat and how much musou is needed to increase the number of hits in your musou. (Assuming you use the full bar when you musou.) Do note that the musou stat values here may not necessarily be the lowest threshold needed on the musou stat to increase the number of musou hits. It's just a guaranteed stat that has been tested.

Motion Damage ValuesEdit

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5

Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is usually the knockback finisher of the combo(if it has one).
  • "Base" represents the damage value of the attack by itself. The "Combo" damage value represents the total sum if you had connected with the all previous attack strings. (So C3 combo value is the total value of N1+N2+C3 values)
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled.

Temper BuildsEdit


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Capture Showdown Destroy Suggested Element Description
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert your own build here. Just add a new row. Keep description short.


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Suggested Element Description
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert your own build here. Just add a new row. Keep description short.

Confront/Survival MatchEdit

Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Confront Survival Match Suggested Element Description
30430 22 2 in Life Upgrade Thrust Moon O O Ice Freeze from a distance with Thrust, freeze lock with Moon C6.
30432 25 2 in Attack Upgrade, 1 in Max Temper Thrust Fan O O Fire Use Fan C6 to slash enemies up then JC.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert own build here. Insert a new row after.

Note: Builds listed here are the number of stars you should put in each stat. The order goes: Attack, Damage, Defense, Life, Musou. So a build of "43320" means to put: 4 stars in attack, 3 stars in damage, 3 stars in Defense, 2 stars in Life, and 0 stars in Musou. For paired up modes a circle denotes which mode the build is specified for.

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