Grand gen
Quest Grade S
Quest NPC Commanding General
Time 14:56
Damage needed? Yes

Get 1,200 KOs
Capture 4 bases
Defeat 3 Elite Guards
Defeat your General

Random Rank 5 Weapon
Sacred Tortoise
Rank 5 Cape of the representing faction
Velocity Scroll
Eternity Scroll

Starting from Base 1 head towards the KO Area. Defeat at least 1,000 troops as the suggested number of KOs before heading to Southwest and capturing bases. Capture Tower Base 1 then, move to Officer Base 2. After that, go to Troops Base 4 and finally Captain Base 5. Move to the East of Base 5 and defeat troops until the required number of troops killed is accomplished. Then, head to Southeast to defeat the 3 Elite Guards. Then, finally defeat general.

NOTE: The 3 Elite Guards have higher defense compare to the previous rank up quest. So try to get the required K.O.s as fast as possible.

TIP: You may want to stay away from your lieutenant so that they go to one of the bases and help capture it. Which will give more time for killing those Elite Guards.


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