In Dynasty Warriors Online, once you have been promoted to the rank of Guard, you are able to serve beneath an Officer. Your Officer will give you two bonuses, one to personal Domestic Skill, and the other one to a Battle Stat.

1. Commerce: Decreases prices at the item merchant.
2. Distribution: Increases chance of item acquired upgrade in level.
3. Military: Decreases prices at the blacksmith of weapons and service.
4. Technology: Decreases prices of tailor and increases chances of crafting items.
5. Peace: Increases paycheck you receive from your commander.

This page will list officers sorted by factions. The first section provides a quick-ref guide for the current scenario and server conditions. The following sections detail all known officers in the game.

For information on how to change generals or factions please visit Changing Generals and Factions.

For more detailed scenario information about which officer serves which army, please visit the Scenarios page.

Rise of the Little Conqueror Quick-Reference Guide

These are the same tables as found on the Rise of the Little Conqueror scenario page. They have been placed here as a quick-ref guide for all currently available officers and their stats. As campaigns progress and new officers are unlocked this will be updated to reflect which factions those officers now serve under.

Cao Cao Faction

Capital: Luo Yang

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Cao Cao Broad Sword X Peace Musou
Xiahou Dun Scimitar X Distribution Attack
Dian Wei Hand Axe O Military Life
Xu Zhu Great Club O Commerce Damage
Xiahou Yuan Battle Rod X Technology Damage
Xu Huang Battle Axe X Technology Damage
Cao Ren Buckler Blade X Commerce Defense

Sun Ce Faction

Capital: Jian Ye

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Sun Ce Tonfa X Technology Attack
Zhou Yu Iron Sword X Commerce Musou
Sun Quan Wolf Sword X Peace Attack
Zhou Tai Eastern Sword X Distribution Damage
Sun Shang Xiang Chakrams X Distribution Defense
Huang Gai Iron Rod O Military Damage
Da Qiao Twin Fans X Technology Attack
Xiao Qiao Double Fans X Distribution Defense
Lu Bu Iron Halberd O Military Attack
Zhang Liao Pole Blade X Technology Musou
Zhen Ji Flute X Distribution Musou

Liu Bei Faction

Capital: Cheng Du

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Liu Bei Apex Blade X Peace Defense
Zhao Yun Bronze Spear X Distribution Life
Guan Yu Crescent Blade O Commerce Attack
Zhang Fei Bronze Pike O Military Musou
Yuan Shao Noble Sword X Peace Attack
Zhang He Iron Claws X Commerce Damage
Diao Chan Twin Maces X Commerce Life
Taishi Ci Twin Rods O Military Damage

The following sections will provide information on all known officers in the game, including those from past, future or never-released scenarios.

Wei Officers


Wu Officers


Shu Officers


Other Officers


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