This page will feature non sew gears that are part of a set.



Head Tiger Cub
Pic needed TigerCub
Tiger Paws Tiger Rings
TigerPaws TigerRings


Merchant Cap Merchant Garb
MerchantCap MerchantGarb
Merchant Wristguards Merchant Boots
MerchantWristguards MerchantBoots


Harvester Hat Harvester Clothes
HarvesterHat HarvesterClothes
Harvester Wristguards Harvester Boots
HarvesterWristguards HarvesterBoots

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Turban Feng Shui Garment
FengShuiTurban FengShuiGarment
Feng Shui Wristguards Feng Shui Greaves
FengShuiWristguards FengShuiGreaves

Brave Horse

Brave Horse Cap Brave Horse Garment
BraveHorseCap BraveHorseGarment
Brave Horse Guards Brave Horse Greaves
BraveHorseGuards BraveHorseGreaves

Ogre Blade

Ogre Blade Helmet Ogre Blade Armor
OgreBladeHelmet OgreBladeArmor
Ogre Blade Gauntlets Ogre Blade Boots
OgreBladeGauntlets OgreBladeBoots

Heavens Glory

Heavens Glory Cap Heavens Glory Garment
HeavensGloryCap HeavensGloryGarment
Heavens Glory Guards Heavens Glory Greaves
HeavensGloryGuards HeavensGloryGreaves

Clear Depths

Helm of the Clear Depths Robe of the Clear Depths
ClearDepthsHelm ClearDepthsRobe
Guards of the Clear Depths Feet of the Clear Depths
ClearDepthsGuards ClearDepthsFeet

War Avatar

War Avatar Helm War Avatar Clothes
WarAvatarHelm WarAvatarClothes
War Avatar Wristguards War Avatar Boots
WarAvatarWristguards WarAvatarBoots

Xi Swordsman

Xi Swordsman Helm Xi Swordsman Armor
XiSwordsmanHelm XiSwordsmanArmor
Xi Swordsman Wristguards Xi Swordsman Boots
XiSwordsmanWristguards XiSwordsmanBoots



Head Panda Garb
Pic needed PandaGarb
Panda Gloves Panda Boots
PandaGloves PandaBoots


Trader Cap Merchant Clothes
TraderCap MerchantClothes
Trader Wristbands Merchant Sandals
TraderWristbands MerchantSandals

Flowered Harvester

Flowered Harvester Hat Flowered Harvester Garb
FloweredHarvesterHat FloweredHarvesterGarb
Flowered Harvester Guards Flowered Harvester Boots
FloweredHarvesterGuards FloweredHarvesterBoots

Feng Shui

Feng Shui Cap Feng Shui Robes
FengShuiCap FengShuiRobes
Feng Shui Gauntlets Feng Shui Legguards
FengShuiGauntlets FengShuiLegguards

Heavens Rider

Heavens Rider Cap Heavens Rider Garment
HeavensRiderCap HeavensRiderGarment
Heavens Rider Gloves Heavens Rider Boots
HeavensRiderGloves HeavensRiderBoots

Angel Blade

Angel Blade Comb Angel Blade Armor
AngelBladeComb AngelBladeArmor
Angel Blade Gauntlets Angel Blade Shoes
AngelBladeGauntlets AngelBladeShoes

Heavens Pride

Heavens Pride Crown Heavens Pride Garment
HeavensPrideCrown HeavensPrideGarment
Heavens Pride Guards Heavens Pride Shoes
HeavensPrideGuards HeavensPrideShoes


Crown of Purity Gown of Purity
PurityCrown PurityGown
Guards of Purity Shoes of Purity
PurityGuards PurityShoes

War Avatar

War Avatar Headdress War Avatar Gown
WarAvatarHeaddress WarAvatarGown
War Avatar Gloves War Avatar Shoes
WarAvatarGloves WarAvatarShoes

Xi Swordsman

Xi Swordsman Hat Xi Swordsman Gown
XiSwordsmanHat XiSwordsmanGown
Xi Swordsman Gloves Xi Swordsman Shoes
XiSwordsmanGloves XiSwordsmanShoes

Unrivaled General Uniform

This section is for General gear sets that have been released at some point in the Aeria DWO Server.

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