Front gen test map2
Quest Grade A
Quest NPC Commanding General
Time 14:56
Major Domestic Technology
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? Yes

Capture all 4 bases
Get 800 KO's
Defeat 2 Elite Guards
Defeat your General

1. Officer
2. Captain
3. Tower
4. Troop

+2 Cape of your representing faction.
Random Level 4 weapon.
1 Way of Musou

You will start off in a barricaded area. To your left are yellow troops and to your right are red troops. Choose a side and break the barricade. Once you do, run past the archers until you start seeing regular peons and start killing them and upgrading. Run around the general vicinity of the top bases and keep gathering troops and flasking up. Ignore all archers as they just waste your time. Once you get around 650 kills start taking the bases, when you want to go to the opposite side of the map take the lower tunnel through the middle, because there are no barricades there. After taking them you should have enough for the 800 kill requirement.

At that time, the elite guards should appear. Watch out, as they have Armor Level 4. However, they should go down fairly easily if you are upgraded enough. Walk around the lower side to the other elite guard that you did not kill and take him out. You have to destroy 2 barricades along the way.

Once you kill them, your general will appear on the bottom of the map, just North of the base. There are a couple of boxes near him that should contain imperial seals. Use those to kill them and complete the quest.

DWO - Front General Quest14:24

DWO - Front General Quest

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