Quest Grade C
Quest NPC Bar Manager
Time 5:56 + various time bonuses
# of Players 3
Major Domestic Technology
Minor Domestic Military
Damage needed? Yes

Throughout the quest you must also escort the messenger by going to him then the next base.

You will all start in the Northeast portion of the Map. First you must capture the 3 Bases and Defeat all the Enemy troops in that area (+3 minutes).

Base 1 - Troops
Base 2 - Captain
Base 3 - Tower Base

You will then have to break the walls to be able to capture Bases 4 & 5. Upon capture Enemies will appear outside of the base, Defeat the Bandits leading them. (1 each base, +3 minutes). Next capture the rest of the bases all are Captain bases, and also capture the Supply Base. You will be asked to defeat 1200 or 1400 Troops between the three of you (+3 minutes).

The Messenger will slowly move between bases (can take either then Eastern or Western route). You will have to kill ALL the troops below base 6 so it is completely clear to prevent him from stopping (+3 minutes). As he gets close to the exit the Bandit Chief and his 2 Deputies will appear, kill all 3 (they have Armor Level 4) then all three players need to stand by the messenger near the exit to complete the quest.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 5:10 Anti-ice element x4
Anti-lightning element x4
Thermal Scroll x1
Nanman Cloth x1
Tortoise Elixir Recipe
A Time: 4:10 ??
B Time: 3:10 ??
C Time: 2:10 ??
D Time: 1:10 ??
E Time: under 1:09 250 gold


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