Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Tailor
Time  ??:56
# of Players 2
Major Domestic Military
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? Yes

- Search the pings on the map
- Capture bases to find out Captains locations
- Prevent enemy commander from escaping

This quest just requires to know the "ambush" locations and where the final commanders appear to save time. At the start, you and your partner walk towards the Northern part of the map, once entering the castle troops will appear for each of you to flask. As soon you are flasked ignore the bases and one of you go Northeast of the base to the West and fight one of the ambush squad leaders, while the other player goes right through the center of the castle where another squad leader will appear. Defeat both of them, then 2 Captain bases and 2 pings will appear on the map, take the bases as soon as possible, if any squad leader appears defeat him. After that go to check the pings if needed and defeat any other officer that appears.

After finishing that, many other pings/bases will appear on the map, the clue of the quest is to spread out and go to fastest pings or bases and defeating the remaining squad leaders, some locations are not needed, you just need to beat the 6 officers that will appear on the pings or after they spawn near bases when capturing them, the first 2 are the first ambush squads so just 4 needed after those.

After you beat the 6 of them, one ping will appear right at the center of the Northern most part of the map (above the stairs), which will point out one "boss", but the real enemy is at the center of the Southern most part of the map (outside of the castle, passing the bridge at the river), the Commander will appear, defeat him, but not the North one and be sure to do, with a remaining timer of at least 5 mins or more.

After doing that, the officer at North will alert you that the real enemy was your original quest chief, so you must go and take him out, he is on the Southwest corner of the map. Beat this real boss in less than 1 minute to S rank the quest.

Rank Conditions Leader Rewards Partner Rewards
S Timer above 3:50 after killing Scout Leader (real boss), don't kill boss in the North. Storm Card x4
Peacock Amulet x4
Crafting Sphere x6
Granite Belt x4
Tiger Fur x2
Storm Card x1
Peacock Amulet x3
Herbal Elixir x3
Tiger Fur x1
A ?? ??
B 6:25 Peacock Amulet x3
Hua Tuo's Journalx4
Herbal Elixir x3
C 2:15 Hua Tuo's Journalx2
Herbal Elixir x2
D ?? ?? ??
E ?? 250 Gold
Lantern Plant Seed x2

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