Emotes are actions that you can use in town. They do not add anything gameplay wise, but they are meant to be looked at. Some come naturally, some are prizes from quests, mainly S ranking chronicles, others are only available during certain events, but all are used only in a non-battle situation. Your character will say different variations depending on the voice that you chose. Here is a list of them, and where to find them.

You can either set an emote to a macro to be used in town or enter the command manually into the textbox.

Natural Emotes

These are available to the player from the beginning. They are mostly normal ones for conveying emotions online. Natural means you are not targeting anyone this is the text that will be shown. Highlighted is a targeted player, NPC or Lieutenant on your screen, X is your characters name here Y is your highlighted targets name here. If there is no different text for a highlighted target it will be blank.

Emote Description Natural Highlighted
/nod Character nods head in agreement. X nodded. X nodded in Y's direction.
/depress Character sighs. X is dissapointed. X is dissapointed at Y.
/bow Character bows and usually says "Good to meet you." X has bowed. X bowed to Y.
/bye Character waves goodbye. X bid farewell. X bid farewell to Y.
/guts Character strikes a victory pose. X struck a victory pose.
/tsukkomi Character acts like he is interrupting a conversation or joke. X butted in. X butted in on Y.
/sstand Character poses. Guys will stand with hand on hips straight up. Girls will bend over and pose. X posed. X posed for Y.
/toast Character raises an invisible glass/cup and makes a toast. Most voices will say "Kanpai." Meaning "Cheers!" X made a toast. X made a toast to Y.
/deny Character shakes their head. X denied. X denied Y.
/shrug Character shrugs their shoulders. X shrugged. X shrugged at Y.
/joy Character jumps in joy. X expressed joy. X expressed joy to Y.
/cheer Character claps and gets impressed. X cheered. X cheered Y.
/angry Character gets furious. X is angry. X is angry at Y.
/thank Character offers gratitude. X has shown gratitude. X thanked Y.
/wave Character waves their arm. X waved. X waved at Y.
/clap Character claps normally. X applauded. X applauded Y.
/salute Character salutes someone formally. X saluted. X saluted Y.
/point Character points forward. X pointed. X pointed at Y.
/cry Character cries. X cried. X cried to Y.
/shy Character becomes embarrassed. X blushed. X blushed at Y.
/laugh Character laughs out loud. X laughed. X laughed at Y.
/think Character goes into deep thought. X is thinking.
/dance Character breaks into a dance. X danced.
/booing Character boos. X booed. X booed Y.
/surprised Character jumps back in surprise. X was surprised. X was surprised by Y.
/sorry Character apologizes. X apologized. X apologized to Y.
/stand Character stands up. Only doable when you are sitting down. X stood up.
/sit^ Character sits down X sat down.
/trick Causes your lieutenant to perform a special action. Need affinity B with animal lieutenants to perform their action. Mountable Lieutenants are not able to do this.
/welcome Character welcomes someone. Only available during special event. X welcomed the world. X welcomed Y.

^ This has three different actions, near fences you will lean on them and certain chairs/benches will have you sit on it instead of the floor.

Special Emotes

These are emotes that need unlocking either via a quest, another objective, or are only available during certain events(That have happened in JPN server). These are more often visually appealing rather than communication. Chronicle quests that give emotes need to be repeated every new scenario to regain the emote.

Emote Description Natural Highlighted
/spring Character waves vigorously. Unlocked by getting an S rank on the quest One-Eyed Pursuer. X waved vigorously.
/circle Obtained during a quest not yet released in English DWO.
/swear Character raises an invisible glass/cup and makes an oath. Unlocked by S ranking Dian Wei vs Xu Zhu, The Little Conquerer, Peach Garden Oath and Diao Chan's Plan chronicle quests. X swore an oath. X has made a sworn with Y.
/cross Unlocked by S ranking False Defection Plot, Phantom at Mt. Xi, Battle of Change Ban and A clever hawk's talons.
/pigeon Poses while a flock of pigeons(doves?) pass by. Only available during special event.
/bakuchiku Sets off a firecracker. Only available during Limbo Town. X lit a firecracker. X lit a firecracker for Y.
/praise Character praises. Only available during Limbo Town. X gave praise. X praised Y.
/burning Character gets fired up. Only available during special event.
/passion Character reveals enthusiasm. Only available during special event.
/starlight Character gazes at the stars. Only available during special event.
/thunder Character calls down lightning. Only available during special event.
/spotlight Character bathes in the spotlight. Only available during special event.
/snow Character invites snow to fall. Only available during special event.
/cracker Character sets off a loud firecracker. Only available during special event.
/frozen Character becomes frozen. Only available during special event.
/wind Character calls forth a whirlwind. Only available during special event.


A few notes on emotes.

  • An unknown command (/jump for example) will just have the text float above your head on your screen. Nobody else can see it other than you. A locked command (one that you haven't earned) will not display anything at all, not even the text above your head.
  • You can make your own emotes by using an emote then putting text after it. The first word you put after the emote will be the last word of the sentence. For example if the player Zhang Bao typed in: "/point idiots drops rocks on flaming" The game will spit out the sentence: "Zhang Bao drops rocks on flaming idiots." Idiots was the word that came right after the /point emote and became the last line of the sentence.(The subject)

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