Basic Information

  • Moveset: Zuo Ci
  • Advanced Skill: Sacrifice - Lowers your stats and slowly drains your health. In exchange the stats of the other allied players are increased and their health slowly regenerates.
  • Base Siege: 1.3

Basic Stats

Weapon Atk Dmg Def Life Mus Spd Jmp Skill
Cursed Deck 43(6) 50(3) 40(1) 160(2) 140(5) 120 130 Sacrifice

Upgrade Stats

Level Name Atk Dmg Def Life Mus
6 3 1 2 5
1 Cursed Deck +27 +22 +15 +18 +24
2 Enchanted Deck +30 +25 +18 +21 +27
3 Mystic Trump +33 +28 +21 +24 +30
4 Crane Deck +36 +31 +24 +27 +33
5 Heavenly Trump +39 +34 +27 +30 +36
6 True Heavenly Trump +42 +37 +30 +33 +39

Note: The above values are averages. Some weapons found in battle may vary in upgrade stats by +/- 1. (The numbers under the stat columns indicate the upgrade slots)


Cursed Deck Enchanted Deck Mystic Trump
Cursed Deck-Description EnchantedDeck MysticTrump
Crane Deck Heavenly Trump True Heavenly Trump
CraneDeck HeavenlyTrump Insert 200x216 picture of weapon with no element here.


Emblem Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Rotation Lock Element SA
Thrust Fan the Cards downward releasing a Yellow floating orb that slowly travels forward then explodes. If it hits a wall it will explode immediately. Zuo Ci's original C1 minus the innate fire(first charge) & innate ice(double tap charge) element. O O C6
Pierce Launches 4 pieces of ice in the 4 compass directions diagonal of you(front right, back left, front left, back right) ends with a floating ice orb launched forward. Note that by using musou after the last ice shard has left you will launch 5 ice orbs instead of 1. O C1 Ice(all hits) O
Crescent Launches 2 large seals infront one after the other quickly. Very slow startup. While both hits stun only one will count. O C6 O
Moon The Cards fly above your head to summon a lightning storm. O C6 O
Fan 1st charge - Gather the Cards together in a ball shape then palm thrust forward creating an explosion.
2nd charge - Makes a dark wave appear around you. Zuo Ci's original C6.
O(2nd Charge) O(1st Charge) 1st: Fire
2nd: O
Eclipse Throw the Cards upward floating above your head then slightly levitate above the ground to create a large Yin Yang AoE. O O O


  • Stagger - Enemy weapon gets pushed up in the air and they lean backwards. Hitting them before they can fully recover will cause them to be juggled.
  • Stun - Enemy is dazed with stars over their head and unable to move. Any attack while in this state will cause them to be juggled.
  • Knockback - Sends the enemy backwards away from you. Usually ending a combo.
  • Launch - Knocks the enemy up in the air setting them up for a juggle.
  • Rotation Lock - Inability to turn your character during the animation.
  • Element - If weapon is imbued with an orb or element, the element can be activated on this attack.
  • SA - Super Armor status. Cannot be flinched by normal attacks and some charge attacks while performing this. Indicated by little orange swirly sparks around your body.
  • "O" indicates the attack has this effect on the enemy. "X" means this attack does not have elemental activation.

Emblem Evaluation

Target C1 C6
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse
Confront Good Ok Bad Ok Ok Ok Bad Ok Good Ok
Defeat/Capture Excellent Bad Ok Bad Good Bad Bad Bad Good Good

Note: These evaluations are the opinions of players here and can change from time to time.

  • Excellent - Very effective in this mode.
  • Good - Pretty effective in this mode.
  • Ok - Somewhat effective in this mode.
  • Bad - Not effective in this mode.

Emblem Demonstration Video

Insert video here

Charge Attacks

Attack Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Element SA
Charge 2 Floats all Cards around your person, then spins them around launching the Cards up. O X
Charge 3 Floats Cards in front of you in a pentagram pattern making them criss-cross in the center. Ends by spinning them and pushing them forward. The push will have a large range of effect O(Last hit) O(Last hit)
Charge 4 Spins Cards around body releasing 2 sets of 5 beams around you. O O
Charge 5 Pushes hand forward releasing dark wind cone forward. O O
Dash Attack Launches dark wind cone forward from splitting the Cards. Doesn't go very far. O X
Jump Normal Swings Cards around the body at a slightly slanted angle. O X
Jump Charge Glide downward with a fireball infront. Causes burn out. Fire
Evolution N2>N3>C4 O O O


  • Charge 1 and Charge 6 depend on the emblem.
  • Charge 3 gets longer with Combo Upgrades. Can end Charge 3 prematurely if you don't continue to press charge attack.


Type Mobility Juggles? Finisher does Description
Regular Musou Low Yes Knockback Slowly walks forward, hand held up, with the Cards spinning around you rapidly. Ends with lightning strike all around you.
True Musou Launch(Fire and Ice), Knockback(Lightning) Musou with added fire damage. Ends with a frontal arc of 5 fireballs, then 5 ice balls, finishing with a lightning strike all around you.

Musou Length

Musou Stat 140-150 173-223 230-??? 233-260 ???-??? ???-???
Number of Hits(Regular/True) 10/12 14/16 16/18 17/19 ??/?? ??/??

This table lists the musou stat and how much musou is needed to increase the number of hits in your musou. (Assuming you use the full bar when you musou.) Do note that the musou stat values here may not necessarily be the lowest threshold needed on the musou stat to increase the number of musou hits. It's just a guaranteed stat that has been tested.

Motion Damage Values

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5
Base 8 6 6 8 10 15 18 6 10 10 8+8 8 5+5+5 17 (5+5)*N+10 8+8 17
Combo 12 20 30 45 63 51 61 71 87 23 32-52 36 47

Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
Base 7 10 5*4+5(ice) 9*4+8(ice) 10+10 14+14 5 9 8(fire)+10 18 (13+15+15+15)*N+13+20 (13+15+15+15)*N+13+7(fire)+7(ice)+20(fire)
  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is usually the knockback finisher of the combo(if it has one).
  • "Base" represents the damage value of the attack by itself. The "Combo" damage value represents the total sum if you had connected with the all previous attack strings. (So C3 combo value is the total value of N1+N2+C3 values)
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled.

Temper Builds


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Capture Showdown Destroy Suggested Element Description
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert your own build here. Just add a new row. Keep description short.


Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Suggested Element Description
00000 0 5 in Base Speed Thrust Any Vorpal Temperless KO build. Vorpal element will get your KO's, any troops still alive can be killed with your normal attack.
30000 6 2 in Attack Upgrade Thrust Any Ice or Fire Ice/Fire KO build.
40000 10 5 in Base Speed Thrust Any Wind or Lightning Wind/Lightning KO build.
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert your own build here. Just add a new row. Keep description short.

Confront/Survival Match

Build Tempers Mods Emblem 1 Emblem 6 Confront Survival Match Suggested Element Description
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Insert your own build here. Just add a new row. Keep description short.

Note: Builds listed here are the number of stars you should put in each stat. The order goes: Attack, Damage, Defense, Life, Musou. So a build of "43320" means to put: 4 stars in attack, 3 stars in damage, 3 stars in Defense, 2 stars in Life, and 0 stars in Musou. For paired up modes a circle denotes which mode the build is specified for.



Use C5 as a ranged attack. Like the Great Club or Twin Rods, this is more of a ranged attack rather than an all round attack. Also, all the charge attacks have a good range on them aside from C2, making it good to keep your distance. Using Sacrifice will make it advisable for you keep away from direct combat, because you will not only be weakened, but you will slowly lose health.

C5--->Stun--->Musou(attack x2)

Moon--->Stun--->Musou(attack x2)

Fan(First attack)--->Fire--->Cancel into musou


Another good thing is to set the enemy on fire, via Fan's first attack or Jump Charge and then use C2 to juggle the enemy. It doesn't have elemental activation, but it does juggle very well. Mainly for COM enemies who can't jump out of attacks.

Emblem Thoughts

Thrust: A good troop killer and it has elemental activation making it good for supporting allies. Keeping pressure on the enemy.

Pierce: The Super Armor properties as well as the innate freezing abilities of this emblem make it very good for Confront. However, without an ice orb the freezing chances on this emblem are quite low, so you can sometimes interrupt your teammates with this attack and ruin their combos. It is okay for killing troops, however it takes so long to finish it that it is not that good for defeat.

Crescent: Even though it has Super Armor this move has a slow start up, allowing enemies to easily avoid or block it. Make sure you use this from a safe distance with allied support if facing multiple enemies.

Moon: It has Super Armor and Stuns. Using it and then using your musou with Attack x2 on the enemy while they are stunned will deal lots of damage to them. Unlike Pierce, as long as the lightning bolts come down, even if you get interrupted the lightning will still hit the enemy as a counter attack. Also unlike Pierce, Moon has a sure chance of stunning the enemy.

Fan: One of the few emblems in the game that can have two different elemental effects. The first attack will put the enemy on fire, while the second attack has elemental activation. As the first attack launches them straight into the air, if you are fast enough you can cancel into the musou to hit them while they are on fire. Some people find using Wind Orb with this attack work well for the second part.

Eclipse: A good emblem that covers a large range. However it can be jumped over and the recovery on this attack is quite long. Allowing you to be easily punished if people see it coming. Despite the fact that it has Super Armor, it's no use if people have so much time to pummel you. It is not good for defeat either, because it scatters enemies away. However, in large groups it can be a good surprise attack and it launches enemies for a good while. So using it with a Fire Orb will deal a good amount of Fire damage.


The Cursed Deck has a wide array of moves that are useful and the reach of its normal attacks are larger than most weapons. However, in exchange, the defense and life stats on the weapon are very low. One of the lowest in the game making you a glass cannon. The C3, C4, and C5 as well as many emblems are all very good attacks. However, the recovery on them are quite long so keep a good distance when you perform these attacks.

The musou attack of the Cursed Deck is very powerful, however the range for getting people caught in it is quite short. Make sure that when you use it you are sure to hit the enemy. Hitting a stunned enemy or a frozen enemy is the best way to use the musou. Opponents who wear Granite Belts can get out of your musou though. The length of the musou attack seems to increase by 4 hits for every 70 musou points. So, if you do not have enough musou boosting gear, items, or battle bonus from a general, you won't receive any benefit for tempering musou from 2 to 3.

The C5 of the Cursed Deck is similar to the Twin Rods C5 attack. It has range and the motion damage value on the attack is 17 and it has elemental activation. Using the C5 with a Blitz Orb and then using an Attack x2 buffed musou on the enemy while they are stunned will deal lots of damage to most enemies. For opponents who wear Granite Belts, just use two C5s in a row on them.

Additionally you can also use the Moon emblem to stun an enemy and follow it up with a musou with Attack x2.

The running speed of the Cursed Deck is average. So when opponents are chasing you having Pierce or Moon on emblem 1 will slow them down. The Super Armor on these emblems will nullify their normal attacks and allow you to stun or freeze them. Of course, good opponents will just musou you to make sure you die for sure.

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