Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Generals with Military Domestic
Time  ??:56
# of Players 2
Major Domestic Military
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? Yes

This quest is very easy, but relies a lot on teamwork, you will need to
Take a Captain Base
Defeat two Defense Captain (each)
Take a Tower Base simultaneously. After that, defeat 300 troops, but do not kill more than 500 or the quest will fail. Then head to the supply base in the middle of the map, and the final task will be fight against a Commander and a Middle captain, they have Armor level 4 and deal descent damage, near both of them have a box with an Imperial Seal that can help.

Rank Condition Reward Partner Reward
S Take the Captain Bases, defeat the Defense Captains, take the Tower Base simultaneously
Defeat 300 troops
Defeat the Commander and Middle captain
Storm Card x4
Remedy x3
Storage Flask x4
Blizzard Orb x2
Peacock Amulet x3
Storm Card x3
Scale Amulet x5
Blizzard Orb x1
A Unknown Storm Card x3
Peacock Amulet x3
Scale Amulet x5
Blizzard Orb x1
B Unknown Unknown Unknown
C Unknown Unknown Unknown
D Unknown Unknown Unknown
E Unknown Unknown Unknown

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