Quest Grade B
Quest NPC Generals with Peace Domestic
Time  ??:56
# of Players 3
Major Domestic Peace
Minor Domestic Technology
Damage needed? Yes (Player 2)
No (Player 1 & 3)

Recommended to use a weapon with at least 130 speed and with projectile or moving musou to safety defeat the sister

Player 1 upgrade Attack (max) and Defense (partial) and go after the henchman. After defeating all henchman, go after the 3 underling. Save the center underling last, have him hit you to red health then defeat him with true musou. Recharge musou and wait next to the box a bit to the north of that underling. When there is only 1 underling left, break that box to check if it's the imperial seal or not. If it is wait till Zhen Ji appears right next to it then use it to defeat her. If it's not stay a bit further from the box because Zhen Ji will appears right there. There are still some box to the left and to the right.

Player 2 just needs to upgrade Attack and Damage to take 2 Tower bases. After that defeat the underling near base 2 which are all bomber so they are not dangerous. Then go to the underling near base 1 which is also bomber, let them bomb you to red health then defeat him with true musou. Recharge musou and wait for the 3 sisters while making sure your health is still red. Once the sister appear go after Diao Chan at the top, defeat her with true musou from imperial seal (there should be 2 boxes on the left branch).

Player 3 upgrades similarly to Player 1, take the troops base, and then let the underling at the bottom hit you to red health, Do the same thing to Sun Shang Xiang, but do note that she has a dangerous C1 that can be used to catch you.

Rank Condition Reward Partner Reward
S Time: 5:00+ Large Flask x4
Stone Belt x4
Wind Orb x3
Scale Amulet x4
Claw Amulet x2
A Time: 4:13 - 4:30 Stone Belt x3
Dragon Amulet x4
Shell Amulet x4
B Unknown Dragon Amulet x4
Shell Amulet x3
C Unknown Unknown
D Time: 1:10 Unknown
E Time: 0:25 Dragon Amulet x2
250 Gold

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