Blacksmith NPC
The Blacksmith deals with things involving weapons. Before Battle of Tong Gate scenario he used to sell weapons dependent on what cities were held and the factions Military stat.



Add temper to your weapon using temper gems which are used for your upgrades in battle.


Unlock weapons that were gained with LOCKED text written on it. This is done with gold.


Use modification points gained every 51 uses to do various types of changes. For a list of changes visit the Weapon Modding page.


Used to repair a weapons durability.

  • Repair Temper

Use temper gems to repair a weapons durability. Chi weapons can't be repaired this way.

  • Max Temper Repair

Used to repair chi weapons, costs 1 chi gem and [Weapon Level] temper gems to fix.

  • Elemental Repair

Use Ore to repair a weapons elemental durability.

Removing Temper

Removes ALL temper the weapon currently has, gems are not regained from this. Costs AP.

Rank AP per Gem
1 3.5
2 7
3 10.5
4 14
5 17.5
6 21
  • The cost is rounded up for R1, R3 & R5 based on the number of temper removed


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