Quest Grade C
Time 15:56
S Rank Time 4:00
Bonus None
Damage needed? No

Note: You have to protect Cao Cao against the forces of Wu and Shu as he escapes from Chi Bi. Be prepared to attack officers at a distance. Even if you have a weapon that is perfect for slaying anything super armored, you won't be alone. This is basically going from one event to the next. If you don't have strong weapons don't worry. If you don't have a weapon with a good ranged attack, find some enemies to kill while waiting. This can be done with an untempered weapon. Here is how it goes.

  • Throughout quest you will escort Cao Cao. Follow him where he goes, and then be prepared for officer vs. officer clashes. The first encounter is Ling Tong. Zhang Liao will show up and fight Ling Tong. Wait for Zhang Liao to defeat Ling Tong.
  • After Ling Tong is defeated follow Cao Cao to the west, and Lu Meng will show up. Xu Huang will arrive and fight Lu Meng. Just wait till Xu Huang defeats Lu Meng.
  • When that is done follow Cao Cao to the center, he makes a comment on how an ambush unit was not set there and Zhao Yun appears. Lead Zhao Yun to Cao Cao. When Cao Cao's life gets low, Xu Zhu will show up to protect him. Wait for Cao Cao and Xu Zhu to defeat Zhao Yun.
  • After Zhao Yun is defeated follow the right hand path to the northeast where smoke is being emitted. Cao Cao is sure there's no ambush waiting and Zhang Fei will appear. Wait for Cao Cao to defeat Zhang Fei.
  • After Zhang Fei goes down Cao Cao will then head west (he may get stuck by some fences along the way, so you have to destroy them). Cao Cao once again is sure there's no ambush waiting even at an opportunistic spot and Guan Yu appears. There will be a conversation between both sides and Guan Yu stands down allowing Cao Cao to escape, just keep running to the escape point. Once Cao Cao gets there victory is yours.

All in all, this is mostly just watching officer battles instead of actually fighting so Defense and Life is recommended though you can make these go by quicker by having a Lightning/Blitz or Ice/Blizzard Orb with a ranged Emblem 1 that activates element. Remember to always keep up with Cao Cao, and watch the battles from a safe distance. Note the fight with Zhao Yun is the only clash where Cao Cao must have low health, he'll recover his health after Zhao Yun is defeated. Although, none of your allies can die, they will just remain at 1 HP including Cao Cao.

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