This page list all the advanced ability. You will see the name of the ability in bold letter, the activation text (the yellow text that appears when the ability is activated beside its name) in capital, and the description of the effect.

Attack boost

Godly Hammer

Activation Text MUSOU ATTACK UP
Effect Can use true musou regardless of health and doubles (x2) the attack power of musou. Can be stacked with attack x2 boost.
Weapon Great Club, Iron Rod


Activation Text ATTACK X 3
Effect Triples your attack stat.
Weapon Hand Axe, Twin Picks


Activation Text ATTACK RANGE X 2
Effect Doubles attack range.
Weapon Bronze Spear, Cudgel


Activation Text FANATIC ATTACK
Effect Grants elemental activation to all attacks. This includes normal attacks, charge attacks, jump attacks, and musou.
Weapon Iron Sword, Tyrant Sword


Activation Text HP STEAL
Effect Each strike will heal you as long as the person being hit has life. This means juggling a dead, or "knocked out" body will not give you anything.
Weapon Curved Voulge, Pole Blade


Activation Text DESTRUCTION x 3
Effect Triple your damage stat.
Weapon Noble Sword, Iron Spear


Activation Text FORCE
Effect The Majesty skill is interesting in that depending on your current health: your attack, defense, and damage will increase or decrease in proportion. The formula for majesty is: 1 + [(Current HP - 50) *0.0025]

  • At 450 health, the multiplier for attack, defense, and damage will max out at x2. Increasing life beyond 450 will not boost the majesty skill in anyway.
  • At 350 health, the multiplier for attack, defense, and damage will be 1.75.
  • At 250 health, the multiplier for attack, defense, and damage will be 1.50.
  • At 50 health, the multiplier for attack, defense, and damage will be 1. You won't receive any boost from using majesty.
  • Below 50 health, your stats will actually receive a small penalty if you use majesty.

In order to make use of majesty you should temper life and wear life boost items like the Feather Amulet. Make sure to keep your health high too. As it depends on current health and not max health.

Refer to the chart.

Chart ForceChart
Weapon Eastern Sword, Tonfa


Activation Text BREAKER
Effect Deals damage to guarding foes, players under the Recovery Guard advance will still regain life when blocking against this. Does not take the role of vorpal and you will not lose musou.
Weapon Iron Halberd


Activation Text WHIRLWIND
Effect Gives aura that repels enemies while in the running attack mode. This will knock them back and do minor damage to them. This will count as an attack and you will gain musou from each hit you do. Attack x2 will affect this as well.
Weapon Horned Blade, Jamadhar


Activation Text WEIGHT
Effect Two orbs circle your character doubling your attack, additionally dependent on your health your weight will increase. Blue health = lower jump, Yellow health = Stone Belt, Red health = Granite Belt.
Weapon Fanged Club, Snake Sword

Defense/Guard boost


Activation Text HP MAX X2
Effect If current life is below 100 you will be healed by 100, if current life is over 100 it will be doubled. Repeated activations while still in effect will heal you.
Weapon Crescent Blade, Battle Axe


Activation Text MORALE X 2
Effect Grants hyper armor and Defense x2 to allied captain troops.
Weapon Twin Fans, Strategist Fan


Activation Text IRON BODY
Effect Grants level 3 Armor Level. You cannot be flinched by arrows, normal soldier/mage attacks, and normal attacks from players. You can stack with the lieutenant skill Iron Wall or Tiger Fur item to increase your status to Super Armor (doesn't flinch against charge attacks) or Hyper Armor (doesn't flinch against Musou attacks). You still take damage though and are still effected by elements.
Weapon Iron Claw, Nanman Gauntlets

Strong Guard

Activation Text SUPER DEFENSE
Effect Triples your defense and grants increased protection against elemental attacks. This increased protection against elements does not apply to the DoT effect from Fire, but does apply to Vorpal attacks.
Weapon Battle Shield, Whip


Activation Text REGEN PLAYERS
Effect Grants all allied players health regen. Effect does not apply to user.
Weapon Wood Nunchaku, Chakram


Effect Grants protection against all elemental effects on you and statuses including stun. Note that fire from gunpowder/in bases are NOT fire element, and thus you are still hurt by it.
Weapon Bronze Pike, Iron Blade


Activation Text STRONG FORT
Effect Increases defense of troops and structures inside a base by x1.3
Weapon Wolf Sword, Broadsword


Activation Text REFLECTION
Effect Automatically blocks attacks as if you had guard on, Musou counter will be activated faster as apposed to the 1 second that it normally takes.
Weapon Buckler Blade, War Blade

Recovery Guard

Activation Text STRONG SHIELD
Effect Defense is doubled and successful blocked attacks will restore life. Works through Berserk Advance as well.
Weapon Long Fork, Glaive


Activation Text MYSTIC FIELD
Effect When activated, able to block attacks from any direction, you must be blocking and standing still or this effect will not happen while the advance is active. Each successful block causes the duration of the skill to drop.
Weapon Greatsword, Light Sword

Drain Guard

Activation Text ???
Effect Successful guarded attack will cause the enemy to stagger and lose musou. Elemental orbs and base effect do not apply. Additionally Musou is not consumed while using.
Weapon Ogre's Fist, Dragon Barbs

Tactical/Others boost

Godly Speed

Activation Text SPEED MAX
Effect Grants you maximum speed. This speed is faster than the speed given by the MAX SPEED BOOST granted as a random slot ability.
Weapon Scimitar, Pirate Sword


Activation Text MUSOU INCREASE X 2
Effect Slowly refill your musou bar regardless of health. Your musou bar will also fill at double the normal rate when attacking enemies.
Weapon Battle Rod, Twin Rods


Activation Text REGEN ALL
Effect Slowly recovers the life of allied troops, lieutenants, officers, and generals (if present in battle). Does not regen life of allied players.
Weapon Twin Sabers, Twin Maces


Activation Text JAMMING
Effect Lights up the whole map for allies and reveals all enemy player locations. Darkens whole map for enemies and hides allied player locations. The darken effect override the effect of Enchanted Mirror. The lighten effect override the darken effect of enemy's Illusion.
Weapon Vision Staff, Sorcerer's Staff


Activation Text MUSOU STASIS
Effect A lock appears on the musou bar of all commanders. This prevents all commanders from refilling musou, but does not prevent them from using musou if it is full. Commanders cannot refill musou even if they are using Remedy or at red health, but can if they find an item on the battlefield.
Weapon Boomerang, Feather Fan


Effect No fixed activation text. Will display activation text of the ability chosen.

The Advanced slot will be blurred and change colors from time to time while this effect is active from a Battle Spear or Flute user. Gives you a random ability from every weapon ability from the whole pool of weapons in the game. That means you could get any ability. Will also re-arrange the Advanced abilities of everyones weapons upon activation. While active from players using Battle Spear or Flute no one (including Battle Spear or Flute users) can have 2 different Advances active, and any remaining time on your last Advance will carry over to new one. Advanced skills are not stackable.

Weapon Battle Spear, Flute


Activation Text SPEED UP
Effect All allies gain speed boost as long as this is in effect. This doesn't include you and any lieutenants.
Weapon Twin Blades, Apex Blade


Effect Lower your own stats, all allies gain stat boost. User of this skill will also slowly lose life, but in turn all team mates have regen. All those given boosts will gain an orange hue, like the red one given by attack X2, when the skill is activated.
Weapon Cursed Deck, Trident, Lightning Spear


Activation Text SYNCHRONIZE
Effect Consuming recovery items and temporary stat boosts (Attack/Defense x2, Max Speed) while the advance is in effect teammates will receive a portion of the recovery/duration based on the number of teammates. Player under Resonance will retain full effect of the item. Does not work on flask effect (no temper in stat). Highest it will divide by is 4.
Weapon Fang Sword, Double Fans


When equipping a spirit of a general as a special item, your normal advanced ability will be replaced by:

Musou Rage

Activation Text ROUSING
Effect At the moment of activating, you will be transformed into the general respective to the spirit item you equipped, and all disabling effect and elemental status on you will be removed, you will also be put on the ground if you were caught in a juggle. In this new form you will gain the movesets of that general and the weapon, but your stats is still that of your normal weapon. To see exactly what each spirit do, see the Spirit Items page.

Mountable Lieutenant Advances

Mountable Lieutenants have their own advance while you are riding on them. The effect is increased based on their Potential stat.


Advance Titan's Blow
Similar to Obliterate


Advance Rampage
Similar to Phoenix


Advance Focused Fury
Similar to Godly Hammer

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