Quest Grade C
Time ??:56
S Rank Time Time: 4:57
Bonus /Spring emote
Damage needed? Yes

This chronicle is relatively straight forward but, as with most, has several steps and involves quite a bit of running around.

  1. Escort Zhang Fei to Pang Tong (1) immediately to the south.
  2. Quickly head over to the central bridge to meet Master Zhao (2). Clear the "invading" red troops to the east (2a) of the bridge first then the yellow troops to the west (2b). Don't worry if you kill some of the other troops in both areas. Flask up Attack here for later.
  3. Meet Cui Lan at the southern bridge (3). Look for Du Bao who is randomly hidden among the pinged blue troop clusters (red circles). If there is a pattern for his location, I did not see it.
  4. Once you find him, return to the southern bridge and defeat Ma Fang (4), who has Armor Level 4. Flask up Damage during this fight if you need it for the next part.
  5. After that, meet Pang Tong in the northern island (5) and destroy all of the yellow Juggernauts.
  6. Next, Yue Ying (6) will spawn in with Armor Level 5. Lure her back to Pang Tong and get the last hit on her. A hostile Zhang Fei will also appear in the same area when Yue Ying is low on health. Lure him back to Pang Tong and get the last hit on him to complete the quest.

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